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Tag: ipod-touch

Video App Demo: Music Marquee

Music Marquee is a well-designed and easy-to-use social app for you music lovers. Listening to a great song and want to share? Music Marquee allows you to post to Facebook, Twitter,, Tumblr, FriendFeed and allows scrobbling, and wherever supported Tasty Cocoa software has...

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Video App Demo: ToDone

We've covered our share of productivity apps, from the simple to the complex, and ToDone tends towards the simple. As a "to do" app for the iPhone and iPod touch, it offers all the nice things you'd want: a clean interface, simple method of data entry and a history of previous items. Sujal Shah...

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Radio Shack has yet another iPhone promotion now through Friday

Yup. The boys are at it again with another $50 off normal iPhone prices. If you're feeling a bit retro you can score a 3GS for $48.99 with a contract. A top of the line iPhone 4 with 32 GB is $248.99. Radio Shack had a similar promotion earlier this month, but this latest offer does not include the ...

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iOS devices top survey of UK children's most-wanted gifts

The hottest toy in the UK this year isn't a stuffed animal or a dress-up doll -- it's an Apple device. The top three spots on a list of most-wanted gifts in the UK were taken by Apple's iOS devices, with 39% of kids and parents polled saying that iPhones, iPods, and iPads were wanted under the tree ...

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Found Footage: iPod touch 4G goes head to head with iPhone 4

A site called Letem Svetem Applem has put together some performance comparison videos with the iPhone 4 and the new iPod touch, and the results may surprise you. In the startup speed test, the iPad actually beat all of the other iDevices, and the new iPod touch barely beats the iPhone 4 (but all ...

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iMovie updated to 1.1, requires iOS 4.1

Apple's official iMovie app for iPhone has been updated to version 1.1. The new update requires iOS 4.1 and is compatible with the new iPod touch. It also adds the ability to split up video clips, automatically loop music for a longer videos and updated Photos browser. There are a few other upgrade...

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New iPod touch has vibration motor (Update: No, it doesn't)

FCC pictures of the brand new iPod touch's internal tech show that the device has a vibrating motor inside of it. According to Apple, the motor will be used with FaceTime, but presumably, it'll work when any app calls for vibration. That should help for gaming -- neither the DS nor the PSP has any ...

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iPod touch makes up 38% of iDevices shipped

Blogger asymco did a little calculating from last week's announcement numbers, and has hammered out a rough estimate of just how many of each iDevice are floating around the world today. According to Steve at last week's event, there are 120 million iDevices total in the world, and we already knew ...

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Apple photoshops iPhone into iPod touch

The careful readers at Engadget have noticed that Apple cut a few corners (so to speak) on its website documentation for the latest iPod touch. There's no ear speaker or phone service on the device, obviously, but nevertheless Apple's iPod touch display units show that the Phone app is still sittin...

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Apple to stream video of tomorrow's live event

It looks like Apple has decided that it's finally time to let the public in on their press events -- the company will be streaming live footage from the event tomorrow on its website. Traditionally, the company has depended on third parties (like, ahem, us -- we'll still be metaliveblogging the eve...

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Pinball Magic turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a tiny pinball machine

I still haven't seen an actual iPad arcade cabinet for sale (all the ones we've seen so far have been made by hobbyists for themselves), but here's a pretty cool case/accessory for your iPhone or iPod touch. Pinball Magic is a little device that you can slide your handheld into, and with the help o...

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Rumor: iPod event next week

A Brazilian site named MacMagazine claims to have heard from a source within Apple that the company's annual back-to-school iPod press conference might be held as soon as next week. This is simultaneously pretty likely and somewhat hard to believe. On the one hand, MacMagazine isn't really a well-kn...

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Rumor: Fourth gen iPod touch to include Facetime camera

Is the above picture of the fourth generation iPod touch's faceplate? MacRumors thinks so -- they say they got the pictures from an iPhone parts supplier, who claims it's what you'll see on the front of the newest iPod touch. And of course right there on the right side of the case (which would be o...

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Rumor: Sprint working on iPod touch-friendly 4G hotspot called "Peel"

I was first introduced to the wonders of the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot at Macworld earlier this year -- our own Mike Rose was carrying one around, and it was like magic. A Wi-Fi connection for up to five people anywhere you go? Yes please. I don't think the charges make it necessarily feasible for someo...

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Rumor: iTunes still heading to the clouds

We didn't get that cloud-based iTunes at the last keynote, but the project (and the rumor) isn't dead yet. Boy Genius says "one of our reliable Apple sources" is confirming that iTunes in the cloud is still being developed -- the capability discussed would allow streaming of music and movies both fr...

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