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Fake iPhones seized from LA warehouse

Police in the port of Los Angeles have seized what they say is over $10 million worth of counterfeit Apple devices from a warehouse. The fake iPods, iPhones and iPod touches were reportedly brought in from Asia recently, and they were supposedly going to be sold around CES this past year, duping cu...

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TUAW TV Live: The Apple event aftershow with Steve and Mike

Wow! We have a lot to talk about today on TUAW TV Live. There's so much to talk about that two of us are going to be chatting it up on the show this afternoon. Mike Rose is joining me to talk about the new iPods, the updates to iTunes, Ping, and that new Apple TV. As usual, you can join in on the d...

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Apple seizes 16 domain names from squatter

Apple dropped the hammer on a domain squatter the other day, reclaiming sixteen different domain names in one fell swoop. The company filed a complaint a while back against a guy named Daniel Bijan, who didn't bother to fight his case at all (not that he has one), and the result earlier this week g...

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Rumor: Steve Jobs will appear at Sept. 9 event

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster is having a busy week. First, he predicted that the iPhone will go non-exclusive in the US by next year, and today he's suggesting that Steve Jobs will appear at Apple's September 9th press event. We fully expect new iPods and iTunes next Wednesday, but Steve would be a...

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The Lego Apple Store

Man, for all of the gadget lovin', excellent software, and community power floating around the Mac crowd, this is the real reason why I'm such a fan of the cult of Mac: someone loved the Apple Store enough to make a Lego version of it. Just awesome -- look at the little nanochromatic iPods, the to...

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iPods cleared of pacemaker interference charges

In what must surely come as a huge relief to both people with pacemakers and iPods everywhere, the Food and Drug Administration recently released a report confirming that iPods do not, in fact, interfere with the function of pacemakers. According to an article over at Ars Technica, the report was is...

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Metaliveblogging the "Beat Goes On" event

The reporters are there. The Apple Store is down. The rumors have been spread. And now it's time for the Apple Event you've all been waiting for. We're not actually there (I'm in my cozy apartment in Chicago's beautiful Wicker Park), but we are watching everyone who is there, and we'll be metalive...

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iPods. In. Space.

Kate Milon posted about another possible iPod in Space on her personal weblog. According to an email she received from a NASA engineer, astronauts may take small personal items with them on shuttle flights. Pilot Lee Archambault has chosen his 0.55 ounce iPod shuffle, says the letter, and it may req...

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How many iPods is too many?

You may think it's strange that I own eight iPods, but this MSNBC story tells me I'm not alone in thinking that there's no such thing as "too many iPods." As the story points out, different iPods are better suited for different purposes - much like shoes. My iPod (video) is more useful to me as a p...

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What to do with your broken iPod

Before reading this article, I kind of knew that there were services out there that bought back broken iPods. I was aware that there were people out there interested in using them for parts or refurbing them to sell on eBay but I might not have thought of all these possible outlets. iPod ResQ is pro...

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Fifty percent of 2007 cars offer iPod integration

Playlist magazine reports that about half of all new 2007 automobiles support iPod integration. Telematics Research Group calls it "the most sought after feature" for customers. This number is way up from the 12% iPod support in 2006 model year cars. You can only imagine how our Internet-addicted l...

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Color your iPod

ColorwarePC offers a distinct way to create a personalized iPod. They'll color it for you. For $74, they'll tint your iPod from their palette of 28 colors. Pick one color for the click wheel, one for the front housing, one for the back. Some of their colors are flat. Others have embedded metallic f...

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Dyslexic cops get iPod accommodation

Dyslexic police officers in Liverpool, England will soon be given iPods as training aids. Student police in training classes will use the iPods to view images of road signs and listen to 900+ hours of material from the police force's official training manual. 900+ hours!!?? According to my calculati...

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Get laid off, give back the iPod says National Semiconductor

Remember a few weeks ago we wrote about National Semiconductor raking in the dough and handing out iPods to all their employees? Well, it looks like those iPods weren't a reward after all, but rather company equipment. National Semiconductor laid off 35 factory workers, which is odd given their huge...

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TUAW Podcast the 8th

It's that time again! We've put together our eighth podcast, and in this edition Jan Kabili, Damien Barrett and Dave Caolo bring you some of our best posts from last week, in-depth details on Apple Computer vs. Apple Corps, a couple April fools jokes, new Apple stores and some interesting iPod acces...

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