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The next iPad, iPod touch, and two new iPhones hinted at in iPad OS

It hasn't even been out for a day, but there are already hints of the next iPad in the current iPad's OS. BoyGeniusReport did some digging around in the iPad OS file system and found some interesting seeds burried pretty deep. They found references to "iPhone3,2," "iPhone3,3," "iPod4,1," and "iProd2...

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Confirmed: The mythical "iProd" is the real-world iPad

Last summer, the Apple web was abuzz with the discovery of a mysterious "iProd" device in the iPhone's USB identifier list. Leaving aside the obvious jokes, and noting with some astonishment that Erica actually presaged the name back in 2006, we now can say for sure: the iProd was, in fact, the iP...

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