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BBC does the right thing: will support Macs with iPlayer

A while back we posted about a bit of an uproar that arose when it seemed that the BBC was going to roll out a Windows-only online TV offering. Well the BBC suits have apparently responded to numerous complaints and today they announced that their "iPlayer [service] will be re-engineered to work wit...

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Ars' First Look at Joost

We recently mentioned that the Joost IPTV streaming video service had released an Intel Mac compatible beta version of their client. Now Ars Technica has put up a First Look and it looks pretty darn cool. While there are still some rough edges to be ironed out with text and performance, Ars reports...

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Beta Beat: Joost 0.8 for Mac

Remember Joost, aka the Vienna Vilnius Vegemite Venice Project? It's the new free streaming TV service from the guys who brought you Skype. And the new Mac beta just went live. Joost for Mac Intel 0.8 is available for all Joost beta testers and it works great. Smooth playback, nearly identical inter...

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Beta Beat: We all missed the Joost Mac Alpha--but stay tuned

For a very brief time today, Joost opened up to Mac Alpha seeding. They filled their download quota within minutes. Joost nèe "The ViennaVenice[1] Project", if you're not familiar with it, offers high quality free online streaming video channels. It's from the people who brought us Skype and ...

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Democracy 0.9.2

I am a fan of Democracy, the video podcast client from Participatory Culture which is free and open source. That is why I am more than happy to recommend everyone upgrade to version 0.9.2 of the beta. I am assured that many bugs are squashed, less memory is used, and the UI is snappier. I am not a f...

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Democracy Player goes Intel (not quite Universal)

The Democracy Player is a cross-platform internet television viewer (or IPTV, for buzzword-compliance) that boasts over 500 built-in channels for your endless entertainment pleasure. It takes a bit of a different approach to internet television with support for a wide variety of aggregation services...

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