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Burberry fashion show in London to be captured exclusively with the iPhone 5s camera

Next week's London Fashion Show hosted by Burberry will be photographed by the fashion company exclusively with the new camera on the iPhone 5s, Burberry and Apple announced tonight. The company will use the iSight camera in the iPhone 5s to capture and share photos and video before, during and...

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Apple introduces new iPod touch without rear camera for $229

Apple has introduced a new model of its iPod touch. The new iPod touch comes in a 16 GB capacity and lacks the rear iSight camera of other iPod touches with Retina displays. This new model of iPod touch does still feature the front-facing FaceTime camera. With the introduction of this new low-cost...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Kaleidoscope Camera

Camera-equipped Macs can be an endless source of amusement for kids and big kids alike. Whether it's recording stupid faces in Photo Booth or playing with one of the myriad of fun little camera-based apps, being silly on camera is just plain fun. Kaleidoscope Camera is a simple little US$0.99...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Rear View Mirror

The Mac App Store is full of useful apps, but it's also full of pretty silly little ones. Today's Daily Mac App is a mix of both. Rear View Mirror, is an app that helps you see what's happening behind you using your iSight or FaceTime HD camera. It essentially gives you a rearview mirror...

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Witness for iPhone turns your Mac into a home alarm system

If you have $40 and a recent Mac with an iSight camera, then you have the makings of a simple home surveillance system thanks to Witness. Developed by Orbicule, Witness is a surveillance app that turns your Mac's camera into a motion sensor. The application runs in the background on your...

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Ask TUAW: Mac mini as Time Machine server, baby monitoring with a Mac, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we have questions about accessing a shared Google calendar, baby monitoring, sharing music between user accounts, scanning over an Airport Extreme, using a Mac mini as Time Machine target, and more. As always, your...

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Repair service finds iPad's camera slot

The folks at Mission:Repair have received iPad replacement parts from Apple. While checking them out, they noticed a slot that seems like it could accommodate an iSight. So they pulled an iSight camera from a MacBook pro and guess what happened. It fit perfectly inside the slot in the iPad's frame....

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DIY iSight night vision camera

Now that most all Apple computers come with their own built-in iSight, the standalone iSight has taken a bit of a back seat. It always was a gorgeous piece of Apple art, though, and I really wanted to use it in a functional way. An easy way was to attach it to the Mac mini I have in the baby's room,...

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TUAW Holiday Gift Guide: Displays

A display, whether it's a primary, extra display for a portable, or a desktop secondary, is something that's very useful, and makes a great gift. Here's a few gift ideas for displays to use with your Mac. Dell ST2210 This display offers a 1920x1080 resolution, a 21.5 inch viewing area, and...

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Apple releases updates improving printing, scanning, iSight cameras and QuickTime

Over the past few days, Apple has been releasing updates for printer and scanner drivers in Snow Leopard, iSight cameras in LED Cinema Displays and QuickTime 7 for Windows. First, Apple released printer driver updates for Snow Leopard for Lexmark printers and Brother, Canon and HP printers and...

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The mighty mini, take two: DIY video baby monitor

What do you get when you combine a new parent on maternity leave with a love of gadgets and Apple products? Why, you get "baby monitor overkill!" In response to Dave Caolo's recent ode to the Mac mini, I figured it was time to step up. I had two things gathering dust: my old standalone iSight, a...

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Get your 25 seconds of fame with Tweetube for Mac OS X

If you're a Twitter fan and a Mac user, you'll appreciate a new tool from RADSense Software -- Tweetube for Mac OS X. Tweetube is a free application that uses your iSight camera to record a 25 second video which is then uploaded automatically to Tweetube. A tweet with an embedded link to the video...

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If you have been following Saltatory Software's, then you know how great it can be for easily creating family trees. Recently updated, this application allows you to easily track your family's genealogy. The new update fixes some bugs that occurred with Leopard, like the iSight/iLife...

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Dream Capture 2.2 released

Those of you who like to use your iSight cameras to record and upload video to YouTube or other video sharing Web sites will be happy to know that Dream Apps has released version 2.2 of Dream Capture. Dream Capture is designed especially for both internal and external iSight cameras, although it...

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Rumor: New Cinema displays at Macworld '09?

MacRumors speculates on the possibility of Apple releasing updated Cinema displays at next year's Macworld Expo. According to the post, the new displays could incorporate the LED backlight technology that Apple has started building into their 15" MacBook Pros. MacRumors notes that LED backlit...

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