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iStat menus v1.1 preview screenshot and details

The iSlayer crew has released a preview screenshot on the company's blog that highlights a few key features coming in v1.1 of iStat menus, their utility for keeping an eye on your Mac's various statistics from the menubar. Specifically new in this upcoming version will be network graphing, monito...

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Widget Watch: I Love Lamp heats up to 2.1

Marc from iSlayer sends word that they've updated the best little lava lamp widget ever: I Love Lamp is now at version 2.1. New to this version is the ability to actually change the color of the "lava" and the "water" inside the lamp (which, in real life, is actually transparent oil and translucen...

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Widget Watch: iStat pro 4.1 released

iSlayer has released v4.1 of their killer iStat pro widget for monitoring system performance and statistics right from within Dashboard. In this new version, the team has added a new Fire skin (pictured, and apparently a mod of a much-requested skin from the previous v3), support for monitoring t...

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First Look: iStat menus beta and screenshot gallery

For what seems like forever (or at least since April 29th, 2005), the crew at iSlayer have leveraged their obsession with system performance and statistics and provided us with arguably the best darn donationware iStat widgets on the block. For a little while now, they've been teasing their fello...

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iStat Pro 3.3 widget brings temp and fan readings for Intel Macs and more

The feature-packed iStat Pro Dashboard widget is a reigning favorite here at TUAW, and its recent v3.3 update has heralded some handy new features. First, it now includes (though prompts you to install upon first run) a new module that can read the temperature and fan speeds of Intel Macs. That's ri...

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iSlayer - Vector, Bitmap, and Resolution Independence

Dashboard developer iSlayer has posted an interesting article examining the implications resolution independence (a new feature in Leopard) will have on icon design. Even before the issue of resolution independence, UI designers have been in two camps regarding the use of bitmap vs vector files for ...

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iSlayer releases 7 new mini stat widgets, iStat app

iSlayer, makers of the istat widgets we're all such a fan of, has just announced 7 new Dashboard system monitoring widgets, as well as a full iStat application (call me crazy, but I think these guys like keeping an eye on their systems). The new widgets more or less cover the same ground their iSta...

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