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Apple's CDN is live, should speed iOS and OS X upgrades

Since Apple began relying on downloaded upgrades of its operating system and software products, the need for a fast content delivery network (CDN) has been apparent whenever millions of users have tried to reach out for upgrades, and were suddenly silenced. Well, the next upgrades should be a bit ...

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TUAW TV Live: Technical Difficulties Episode

What's the most annoying technical glitch you've ever run into? Have you ever found yourself cursing loudly at your "favorite" Internet Service Provider? Are you tired of apps that suddenly crash for no reason after they've been working just fine for months? Today on TUAW TV Live, I will dish on t...

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MobileMe silently filtering email to spamcop.net

According to Mac OS X Hints, if you're trying to send an email to someone with a spamcop.net email address with your MobileMe account, chances are the message will never arrive, and you won't be notified. What's worse, apparently if you're sending the message to a distribution list, and only one of ...

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Apple sends takedown notice to iPod hacker's ISP

Yesterday, Erica posted in her state of the iPod touch jailbreak that a hacker named "Martyn" had obtained a broken iPod touch, and was planning to dive in and download every bit of code on it in the increasingly complicated effort to put 3rd party applications on the iPod touch. He didn't plan to r...

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