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iStabilizer Monopod + Shutter Remote = The ultimate selfie setup

A few years ago, TUAW reviewed the iStabilizer Monopod (US$34.95). It's a brilliant little accessory that telescopes out to over 3 feet in length, allowing you to hold your iPhone at more than arm's length away for those perfect selfies. It's also wonderful for taking shots over the heads of cro...

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iStabilizer's tabMount and tabFlex hold onto your iPad when your hands can't

iStabilizer has come out with some really great products in the past that we've covered here at TUAW. Whether it was the Dolly for making iPhone camera dolly shots, the Monopod for doing self-photography from a distance, or the universal window mount Glass, iStabilizer designs well-made iOS dev...

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Sticking to the windshield with iStabilizer's Glass

iStabilizer makes some great products that we've reviewed on TUAW before: the Monopod (US$34.95) and Dolly ($59.95) are perfect examples. Now the company has come out with a new take on the suction-cup windshield mount that should work perfectly with any iPhone that the brains in Cupertino come...

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iStabilizer Monopod puts your iPhone photos above the crowd

After my TUAW TV Live iPhoneography episode last week, I was not surprised to see another photography accessory show up in the mail. After all, this seems to be one part of the accessory market that's booming right now. iStabilizer, the same company that brought us the innovative Dolly, is ship...

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