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Griffin iTalk Pro

The iTalk Pro, the latest iPod accessory from Griffin Technology, is now shipping. $49.99 gets you this Dock connector device that captures 16-bit stereo at 44.1 kH or 8-bit mono at 22kHz audio using two built in mics. You can also connect your own external mic using the 3.5mm jack on the bottom of...

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iPhone not going to be called iPhone?

Apple's working on a phone, this we know. We also know that it will be called the iPhone, right? Pete Mortensen doesn't think so, mostly because another company has the term trademarked (though it is in reference to a VoIP service, so Apple probably could use the term iPhone). I think that Apple, sh...

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Found Footage: iTalk

Atom sent along this cool concept video for an Apple cellphone called 'iTalk.' Would you buy one of these?...

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iLounge gets details on the iTalkPro

It's is the one accessory I've been waiting for: A voice recorder for the fifth generation iPod. iLounge was lucky enough to get some exclusive details and photos of the iTalkPro, the upcoming iPod audio recorder from Griffin Technology. It sounds terrific. According to iLounge, the iTalkPro can man...

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