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Tag: its about time

Disk App: Free up storage on your Mac in seconds

I'm a big skeptic when it comes to disk cleaning apps that claim to free up storage on your Mac. My experience in the past has been that the apps are slow, tend to delete files that are required to make your Mac operate properly, they're expensive (some as much as US$40!), and just aren't worth th...

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Play+ for Netflix just doesn't deliver

A while back I reviewed a Mac app called Play+ for YouTube from developer It's About Time Products. I love and use the app, which provides a slick way to browse and discover YouTube videos, and then watch and comment on those videos without firing up a web browser. Today, It's About Time Products ...

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Review: 90 OS X Mavericks and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets

Developer Saied Ghaffari and his company It's About Time have been busy digging through the details of OS X Mavericks to find a bunch of tips and tricks for the new Mac operating system. In the new iBook 90 OS X Mavericks and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets (US$1.99), you'll find out how to do t...

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Controls+ brings a little bit of iOS 7 Control Center to OS X

Since the first day that I laid eyes on iOS 7 in June, one of my favorite features has been Control Center. Let's face it -- it's much easier and quicker to just swipe up from the bottom of my iPad or iPhone screen to get access to frequently used controls than to either go into settings or launch a...

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70 iOS 7 and Legacy Tips, Tricks and Secrets

TUAW has been providing you with some hints and tricks about iOS 7, but there are a lot more cool tips that we haven't even touched upon. It's About Time Products, which has been in the business of making Macs and iOS devices understandable for quite a few years, has just come out with a wonderful...

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Play+: A YouTube viewing and discovery app for Mac OS X

Developer Saied Ghaffari of It's About Time was perplexed by something recently; while there are good dedicated YouTube apps for iOS, there's nothing similar for OS X. Instead of a clean, fast app for discovering and viewing YouTube videos, Mac users must rely on web browsers and the YouTube si...

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Hello Tutorials for Mac gets new users up and running in a jiffy

Every time there's an Apple earnings call, I'm always amazed to hear Tim Cook or Peter Oppenheimer spout figures on just how many Mac buyers are new to the platform. Whether those new Mac owners are moving over from Windows or are buying a computer for the first time, they may need a helping ha...

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First Look: Life, a web browser optimized for the iPad

Developer Saied Ghaffari's company, It's About Time, should be well known to TUAW readers. We highlighted the widget iPad app the company created, which regretfully never made it to the App Store. Apple essentially banned all widget apps, so Saied and company decided to try something different:...

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First Look: It's About Time brings widgets to the iPad with mini apps

Several years ago at Macworld Expo, I had the pleasure of meeting Saied Ghaffari, CEO of a small company called It's About Time Products, LLC. The company had created a training app which ran on the Mac and provided new iPhone users a chance to learn more about their devices, iTunes, and synchron...

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