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Is iTunes Plus gone? iTunes 11 offers DRM-free audio re-downloads

I am not now, nor have I ever been an iTunes Match customer. But last night, I was able to download DRM-free copies of music I purchased from iTunes in the days before iTunes Plus via iTunes 11. I also determined that some of my iTunes content that I thought was securely tucked away on my hard ...

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Who owns your iTunes? Bruce Willis probably doesn't care (Updated)

Bruce Willis versus Apple -- this time, it's personal. Is he Moonlighting as a legal Hudson Hawk who refuses to let his digital media rights Die Hard? (I'm so sorry about that.) Update: Noted by TechCrunch, Willis's wife Emma Heming-Willis has now said on Twitter that the report of his potentia...

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iTunes pricing and DRM schemes updated for 2009

Phil Schiller today outlined Apple's new pricing scheme for iTunes music, and announced additional music that will be available DRM-free. In April, depending on the label, songs will be available at three price points: 69 cents, 99 cents, and $1.29. Apple says many more songs will be priced at 69 ce...

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Remix Radiohead in iTunes

A couple of years ago, Trent Reznor released fully editable GarageBand versions of a few Nine Inch Nails songs. Others have followed suit (like Burger King), and now Radiohead joins their number. They've made all five tracks (or "stems") of the song "Nude" available in iTunes for $0.99 each [iTunes ...

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iTunes Plus price drop, 'Today or tomorrow'

Ars Technica first reported yesterday that Apple was ready to lower the price of iTunes Plus tracks from $1.29 for the DRM free music to $.99 which puts it in line with the pricing on the DRM laden tracks in the rest of the iTunes Store. Steve Jobs, and you can't get a better source than that, has c...

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Universal to sell DRM free songs, but not on iTunes

It is safe to say that most folks aren't big fans of DRM, though Apple's flavor of DRM (FairPlay) is flexible enough that most will never run afoul of it. You might remember Steve's letter to the music industry in which he extolled the virtues of DRM free music. EMI has been the only major record la...

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EMI sees boost in sales thanks to iTunes Plus

Macworld UK reports that EMI is seeing an uptick in purchases from iTunes since iTunes Plus was introduced. For instance, sales of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon [iTunes Link] have increased 350% (we all know hippies don't like DRM. I kid, I kid). The real question is whether the uptick in purch...

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Get rid of iTunes Plus "watermarking"

Our own Erica was one of the first to discover that personal information is encoded in DRM-free iTunes Plus files. If you want to remove that "watermarking," Playlist Magazine has a solution: TUAW favorite audio editor Fission ($32) from Rogue Amoeba "can strip out the identifying information in an ...

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Workaround for iTunes Plus files on TiVo

I have a TiVo that's on my wireless network. Occasionally, I use it to listen to the music that lives on my iMac as I cook or what have you. It's known that music purchased from the iTunes store won't play via TiVo, and I was hoping that the DRM-free iTunes Plus upgrade would change that. Wrong. TiV...

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Will iTunes Plus also allow you to upgrade videos?

Right now, iTunes Plus allows you to upgrade tracks and music videos. So what about TV shows or movies? If Apple started offering High Definition versions, would you upgrade your existing library? After all, it's got to look good on your new Apple TV, right? Or do you think you're already paying a ...

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iTunes vs iTunes Plus: an audible difference?

With the arrival of iTunes Plus and DRM-free 256kbs AAC files Maximum PC decided to put the higher encoding rate to the test. Running a double-blind experiment with ten subjects and both Apple's included earbuds as well as high-end Shure SE420 canalphones, the results were disappointing. Overall, wh...

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iTunes Plus Challenge

Wow. After all that fuss, it turns out that I don't own a single upgradable EMI track. My cost for bringing my library out of the dark ages and into the brave new DRM-free world? Nothing. At least that's nothing until I go out and buy a $1.29 track later this morning so I can play with the data file...

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iTunes 7.2 Gallery

If you're stuck at work and can't get away to take a peek at the new iTunes 7.2 update, we've put together this handy gallery of screen shots showing you the new 7.2 features. In iTunes 7.2, you'll find a new link to iTunes Plus in the iTunes Quick Links. Select it and iTunes will prompt you to upd...

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iTunes 7.2 lays groundwork for iTunes Plus

Late last night/early this morning Apple pushed out an update to iTunes via Software Update, bringing it to version 7.2. The only obvious change is support for "iTunes Plus," which is apparently what Apple is calling the new DRM free $1.29 tracks announced back in April with EMI. The "What's New" se...

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