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Apple adds support options for iBookstore publishers

In very welcome news to iBookstore publishers, Apple has recently added some support options to make it easier to get answers about pesky issues that might be delaying the sale of the next Great American Novel. In a letter to iBookstore publishers last week, Apple outlined four different suppor...

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iTunes updated to 10.6.1, with bug fixes aplenty -- iTunes Producer bumped to version 2.6

iTunes 10.6.1 is now available in Software Update -- it fixes a few glitches in Apple's ubiquitous music and library app, including several crashing issues, some VoiceOver problems, and an issue where iTunes would freeze up while syncing with the smaller iPod shuffle or nano. There's also a b...

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iTunes Producer updated to 1.5.1

In the "software updates of the maybe-rich and someday-famous" department, iTunes Producer 1.5.1 should be showing up in Software Update for the select few that have it installed: music producers and record labels who are registered uploaders to the iTunes Store. (If you just have to get your hands ...

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Acquire a copy of iTunes Producer

iTunes Producer is the program that Apple created that allows music makers to upload their songs to the iTunes Music Store. Usually you need an iTunes Label Connect Login to get the program (i.e. Apple needs to approve you), but Macgeekery  has found a way around that. If you're running OS X se...

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