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Wall Street Journal confirms iTunes TV show rentals [Update: Netflix on Apple TV claimed by BusinessWeek]

TV shows and iTunes go back several years now, to October 2005. If iTunes TV show sales have not been as brisk over those five years as Apple and the studios might have hoped, perhaps a less expensive rental solution might introduce vigor to the TV market. This afternoon, the Wall Street Journal ...

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iTunes TV show rentals for 99 cents may be on the way

Here's another rumor about the new Apple TV (or "iTV" as some are calling it), which may be in the cards for the upcoming Apple event in two weeks. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is in advanced talks with several media outlets to offer TV show rentals through iTunes for 99 cents an episode. Ea...

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iTunes UK gets rentals

Apple fans across the pond have long complained about their inability to purchase or rent movies from within iTunes. Those users now have reason to celebrate (and maybe give that Apple TV some use), as movies are now available in the UK iTunes Store! According to the press release, 700 titles are av...

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Deciphering iTunes Movie options

Now that iTunes rentals have launched, it has become kind of tricky deciphering what movies are available to rent, what movies are available to purchase, and what movies are available and what movies can be rented or purchased. While Apple promises that more than 1000 movies will be available to re...

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Apple TV Take 2

The Apple TV has hardly been the most successful Apple product. In fact, you could say it has been kind of a flop. Even Steve Jobs admitted in his keynote address that the Apple TV has failed to meet expectations and truly link online content with the television. So what is Apple's plan to try to ch...

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