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One HTML novice, a Mac and a website dream

I have a secret. I can't write HTML to save my life. For most people, that would be okay. But as a tech journalist, it's a bit embarrassing not to have fluency with the language that underlies the World Wide Web. My lack of HTML savvy is one reason why I loved Apple's old iWeb Mac web-composition...

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Friday Favorite: Jimdo

Back in the "good old days," Apple had a nice little app called iWeb that was part of the iLife suite. It was designed to let anyone easily design and publish a website, and despite some failings, it did a pretty good job. iWeb has been ignored by Apple for some years now, and the demise of MobileMe...

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Rage Software demos EasyWeb at Macworld: a modern replacement for iWeb

Apple's abandonment of iWeb has left a lot of would-be web admins unhappy. If you had a pre-Mac App Store copy of the app on DVD, you can still install it and even design sites, but some of the previous functionality and MobileMe iWeb publishing is gone. Rage Software is demoing EasyWeb at Macw...

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Sandvox adds iWeb migration assistant to scrape your iWeb/MobileMe site

The June 30 sunset date for MobileMe is only a few short weeks away. If your website is built with iWeb and hosted on MobileMe, there's no time like the present to get it shifted over to more permanent hosting. To better serve iWeb users looking to move their existing sites into Sandvox, Kare...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me move on from iWeb and MobileMe

Dear Aunt TUAW, With the demise of MobileMe and [the corresponding decreased functionality of] iWeb the question has come up with myself and friends as to what to use instead. Looking for something along the lines of iWeb but with a bit more flexibility. Something like Adobe DreamWeaver is...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: How do I post a website on Dropbox?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I read Uncle Steve's write-up about posting an iWeb site to a Dropbox folder. It's a great blog post and neat trick! But it's using the Public folder... Is there a way to use a non-public folder to do the same? Your loving nephew, Seb Dear Seb, Auntie is fond of Kis...

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Adobe's Muse a middle ground between iWeb and Dreamweaver

Adobe sent out an email yesterday inviting users to test its Muse beta. The software brings the ease of InDesign to creating HTML and CSS websites without code and could be a boon to those looking for an iWeb replacement. While much of iWeb's strength was in its templates, Adobe is emphasizin...

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Sandvox updated for Lion; Karelia wants to lure iWeb orphans

If the impending loss of MobileMe has you wondering how you will maintain and create websites, Sandvox is worth a look. It's more powerful than iWeb, but still easy enough for most beginners. We took a look at Sandvox in May, and now the folks at Karelia are offering a pretty painless path to swi...

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iLife updates add full-screen Lion support, change iPhoto UI elements to match Lion

Today's earlier iLife updates are a sign that Lion is set to drop any day now. Not only do the updates add full-screen support to the iLife apps under the latest Lion Developer Preview release, they also tweak some UI elements of iPhoto to match the upcoming UI Finder elements found in OS X 10....

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TUAW TV Live: More website design options than you can shake a stick at

Today's TUAW TV Live is designed to impart a lot of information in one hour, and to get my current obsession with iWeb replacements out of my head for good. In case you're wondering why I've been writing so much about iWeb lately, it's because I've written three editions of a book about the A...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: Alternatives to iWeb demoed

A few days ago, I published a list of ways that iWeb users could host their content away from MobileMe or move to other alternatives. Today on TUAW TV Live, I'll be demonstrating some of those alternatives for the audience. Whether you're looking at RapidWeaver as a replacement for iWeb, want...

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Ten ways to replace iWeb and MobileMe hosting

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that Apple's website creation software, iWeb, is about a year away from obsolescence, along with MobileMe's hosting of iWeb sites. An iWeb user allegedly sent Apple CEO Steve Jobs an email asking if he should start looking for another website builder and a new ...

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Rumor: Steve Jobs says iWeb and MobileMe hosting are going away

Those of us with a vested interest in iWeb have been perplexed by the lack of interest shown by Apple in the former iLife web design app. Couple this with the pending demise of MobileMe on June 30, 2012, and that confusion turns into concern. MacRumors featured a post a few hours ago about an iWe...

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MobileMe: Some speculation about the transition to iCloud

I'll start this post off by stating the obvious -- there's a lot about how MobileMe services will transition to iCloud that we don't know yet. But I'm going to take a stab at some of the most pressing questions we've received from TUAW readers regarding the transition. As more facts come in, we...

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Three reasons iWeb may be doomed

I like iWeb. Apple's website creation tool is easy to use, creates great looking sites, and has been installed on just about every new Mac since 2006. In fact, I've written about iWeb for Take Control Books, and I often recommend iWeb to Mac users who are seeking a powerful website tool but don...

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