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Windowed apps on jailbroken iPad

If you have a jailbroken iPad, then you'll want to check out Quasar. As noted by Big Boss, The tweak lets you run each app in a separate window on your iPad. Each window can be resized, moved and closed just like a window on a full desktop OS. You can check out Quasar in the demo video below an...

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aTV Flash (black) for jailbroken Apple TVs updated with NFS support, more

FireCore just updated aTV Flash (black), an alternative software package for the second generation Apple TV. With a jailbroken Apple TV and the FireCore software, you can use the media device to surf the web, stream content from a NAS, play back popular media formats (MKV, AVI, MP4) and more. ...

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App spies on your keyboard, steals your passwords

iPad owners using their tablet in public may want to look closely at the people around them. A new app called shoulderPad lets Mac OS X, jailbroken iPad and jailbroken iPhone owners secretly steal your login and passwords. It uses the camera on these devices to track the keyboard input. Specifi...

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Time Warner Cable adds channels, blocks jailbreakers

Time Warner Cable has updated its popular TWCable TV iPad app to version 2.0. Among the new features are the ability to view up to seven days of program listings in the interactive program guide, expanded channel selection with over 100 total channels available, and a remote DVR manager. Intere...

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AP photographer uses MyWi to cover Bahrain protests

James Lawler Duggan, a photojournalist from Washington, D.C., used his jailbroken iPhone 3GS and MyWi 4.0 tethering software to transmit photos from Bahrain (warning: photos are graphic in nature). This week, police locked down the capital of this small Persian Gulf kingdom as demonstrators prepared...

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Put a Windows Phone 7 theme on your iPhone

Been trying to think of a way to try out a new Windows phone without crossing over to the dark side switching sides? If that's the case and you have been looking for a way to recreate the Windows Phone 7 interactive theme on your iPhone or iPod touch, Wyndwarrior's "OS7" is available in public beta...

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Start 'em young with a jailbroken iPhone toy

Ask any parent, and they will tell you that you need to start your kids young and surround them with toys to stimulate their development. There is no better toy for the next generation saurik or geohot than the not-so-creatively named "Smart Phone" toy fresh out of China. Why is this phone so pe...

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Address space randomization adds extra security for jailbroken iPhones

Reduced security is among the top reasons given by Apple and enterprise information technology managers for their opposition to iPhone jailbreaking, but at least one white-hat hacker is out to prove them all wrong. German security consultant Stefan Esser of SektionEins will introduce a tool this wee...

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Animated wallpaper running on a jailbroken iPad

In case you needed even more distraction and less battery life from your iPad, MacStories wants you to know about the ultimate hack just for you. For jailbroken iPads, a new app allows for having animated backgrounds just like Android devices. Called vWallpaper, it enables a video resized for the d...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: dock my iPhone to my iPad

Dear Aunt TUAW, I wish I could dock my iPhone right into the side or back of a large iPad screen. And then have the iPad run off my phone. That way I could have a large screen when I need it. But when I leave the house for a walk, I could take the smaller device (the iPhone) out and carry it in m...

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Expose on jailbroken iPhones with Multiflow

This app requires a jailbroken iPhone, but it's pretty neat. Multiflow brings Expose-like functionality to iOS 4.0.1. Installation should be familiar to anyone with a jailbroken iPhone. Enter Cydia and search for "Multiflow." It is a paid app, so bring your US$4.99. Once installed, you'll wa...

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iPhone 4 unlocked, says Dev Team member

It took some doing, but the iPhone 4 has been unlocked. Unfortunately, you can't get your hands on what you'll need to do it yourself just yet. A member of the iPhone Dev Team who goes by PlanetBeing has posted a picture of an iPhone 4 on Canada's Bell network. The feat was made more difficult wi...

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360-degree gaming on a projector-equipped iPhone

Our friends at Joystiq found this one -- it's a jailbroken iPhone hooked up to a picoprojector, with the software using the compass and the accelerometer to determine exactly where the projector is aimed. That brings in a fun augmented reality touch -- you can move the iPhone around real space to...

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The iPad has been jailbroken

Just in case you missed it on Sunday, members of the infamous iPhone Dev-Team have been hard at work on a jailbreak for the recently released iPad. As of a few hours ago Within the past day, root access has been achieved on Apple's latest device. The hack is not yet ready for public distribution ...

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Lights Off returns to the iPhone

Hey, remember Lights Off? We first posted about it in the relative Stone Age of iPhone development, when the only SDK we had was writing web pages and when you had to actually jailbreak your iPhone to do anything cool with it. Nowadays, of course, we live in storied times, and so Lights Off has ret...

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