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January 27, 2010: Apple announces the iPad

iPad is three. It was January 27, 2010, when CEO Steve Jobs took the stage to show the world what the company had been cooking up in the lab. Our staff roundup and anniversary post from last year include many of the highlights, but in the past 12 months Apple's tablet has continued to set records ...

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TUAW predicts tomorrow's event

As we count down the final tablet-free hours, we've gathered our writers together to predict what we think will be announced tomorrow at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Feel free to add your own predictions in the comments below. Sang Tang 9.6 inch LED-backlit display Wireless HDMI suppo...

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Boy Genius: Multitasking, new interface in iPhone 4.0

The folks at Boy Genius Report (BGR) have been speaking with a little birdie from Cupertino again, and this time it's allegedly spilled details on iPhone 4.0. If the source is to be believed, this update will bring multitasking and a new interface. First, there will be "A few new ways" to run app...

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Report: Harper Collins, Apple negotiating tablet deal

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that Apple is in talks with Harper Collins regarding ebooks for the new tablet. They suggest that the publisher will set the prices of the books with Apple taking a cut, in similar fashion to the 30/70 split currently in place for the App Store (but ...

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