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Ron Johnson, former Apple retail chief, rebuilding Apple staff at JC Penney

Ron Johnson left Apple as head of retail at the beginning of this month to run J.C. Penney, and apparently he's wasting no time rebuilding an Apple-style shop over there. The Wall Street Journal reports that he's aiming to bring both former Apple executives Daniel Walker and Michael Kramer on t...

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Apple retail chief Ron Johnson officially departs

Ron Johnson, Apple's Senior Vice President of Retail Operations for the last 11 years, has officially left Apple today. Back in June, Apple said that Johnson would be leaving the company on November 1st to become the CEO of J.C. Penney. Johnson joined Apple in 2000 and is largely credited with ...

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Fake iPhones at JC Penney let you text away your dignity

There's little to say about these "iPhones" except that they are obviously NOT iPhones. Instead, you can "message a friend up to 50 feet away" for those times when 50 feet is too far to walk or shout. Other features on this texting device include "touch screen technology" and a calculator. Pretty aw...

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