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These hideously ugly, radiation-blocking jeans are apparently great for your iPhone

You know what they say about functionality: "It's always better to look like a fool than have a few specks of dust on your iPhone." Wait, nobody ever said that? What you see above are a pair of WTFJeans, which are designed specifically for iPhone users. To that end, they feature microfiber-lined ...

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TUAW's Daily App: BeSpeak

Our friends at luxury blog Luxist have discovered an app that's perfect for my lack of fashion sense. Given some basic information about how you look (eye/hair color, height, and body shape), it will give tips for men's fashion. It doesn't just tell you what colors to wear, though; it tells you w...

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Levi's announces iPod-ready jeans

If you love your Levi's as much as you love your iPod, you're gonna love this. Levi's has announced the launch of its new Redwire DLX Jeans, complete with features for carrying and controlling your iPod. No photos were released, so close your eyes and picture this. The jeans will have: A built-i...

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