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For the iPod-loving secret agent

Sure you love your iPod, but you can't exactly keep your EarPods in all the time -- especially at fancy dress affairs. These iPod cufflinks will let everyone know that you adore Apple's fancy music player, even when you're wearing that sharp three-piece suit. [Photo credit: Stewart Priest]...

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Adafruit Industries now selling the iNecklace

This is great -- the iNecklace is Adafruit's latest open-sourced, electronic jewelry. It's a pendant shaped like a power button, complete with a pulsing LED inside. It's beautiful, stylish, and a nicely subtle way to proclaim your loyalty to tech in a sleek and cool way. It's all open source, t...

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iNecklace lets you wear your Apple love around your neck

Adafruit is at it again. After releasing its Apple power button-inspired cufflinks, the company is now going after the ladies with its iNecklace. Similar to the iCufflinks, the iNecklace has an attractive aluminum Apple power button that flashes. A simple but fitting chain lets you wear the iNe...

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The gift of love; the gift of recycled Mac and iPhone jewelry

Are you looking for that perfect holiday gift for a loved one? Is that someone special a Mac geek or geekette? If so, then the clever people at PowerBook Medic have a wonderful gift idea for you! They make a living out of repairing old Mac laptops and iPhones, and it's apparent that over the year...

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Concept: the iPod shuffle bracelet

This seems pointless and yet brilliant at the same time, somehow -- iPhone Savior has concept pictures of the iPod shuffle extended out into a bracelet. You can already find lots of straps and wristbands for the shuffle, and with that clip on it, it's designed to be jewelry anyway, so why not carr...

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