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Rumors and speculation: No Intel in the tablet, no Flash either

(TUAW Tablet concept, designed by reader Juan Secin) Scott Moritz over at The Street has new rumors about the tablet today (though be warned, Moritz isn't first in the hearts of Apple crystal-ball gazers): he says that the tablet does not include any Intel chips inside, and that Apple has instead ...

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Make your display's gamma in Leopard match Snow Leopard

John Gruber mentioned in a recent post about Apple's Snow Leopard list of Enhancements and Refinements that one of the small adjustments to Snow Leopard will be that the default gamma on displays will switch from the typical 1.8 value to 2.2, which is what is used on TVs as well as being the long-st...

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Blanc interviews Gruber

Shawn Blanc has wrapped up his series of great software reviews, and now dives into the scariest of waters: those of the major minds in Mac journalism. And he goes first after the biggest shark in the ocean (or at least the one with the sharpest teeth), everyone's favorite Daring Fireball, John Grub...

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