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Samsung unveils plans for new campus shaped like a figure 8, insists it liked open interior gardens before Apple

Just days after Apple's plans for a massive new campus scored the approval of the Cupertino City Council, Samsung showed off its own design for a brand-new campus that will house its consumer electronics business. The design elements include curved corridors, glassy walls, large outdoor seating ar...

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Shake-to-Undo on the Mac via open source app

This is funny: I've only really ever used the "shake-to-undo" on the iPhone either by accident, or when it wasn't actually available (when I had to undo something, and thought the app I was using supported it). But it can be a handy feature for some, and because of that, someone (named Nate Ste...

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iPad licked by gullible anchor, film at 11

Even though April Fools' Day is over and all the Saran Wrap has been removed from the toilet bowl, it is still fun to share some of the notable pranks, especially when the prank involves an unsuspecting news anchor being duped into licking an iPad, live on camera, thanks to the Shock Top app....

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No Comment: The iPhone of night clubs

We will say kudos to Red Devil -- it's a rare company that can fess up to providing crappy service. A rare company indeed. [via TDW]...

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Beware, it's April Fools' Day!

With the iPad launch just two days away and new iPad news flooding the net almost every hour, we want to remind all our readers that today is April Fools' Day -- so take what you hear with a grain of salt. The web is already bursting with April Fools' pranks. Some of my favorites are: Google Tran...

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Dell CEO jabs at Apple, forgets how to count

Michael Dell, amidst lackluster growth reports and a dismal earnings warning, has fired a couple more potshots across Apple's bow. During a recent Q&A, Dell's CEO cited MTV's new URGE music service as one reason why he is skeptical of the iTMS market dominance over the next ten to twenty years. ...

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Yes Martha, he looks Bill Gates-ish

When Apple rolled out the new ad campaign, a number of you sent in the tips (thanks!). I hopped online and saw the "virus" ad, which is what Apple apparently wants you to see first. And like most of us, I saw a guy who reminded me of Bill Gates. It's not exact by any means, and there's so...

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Futurama "Windows 3000" joke

It's no secret that Matt Groening is an Apple fan, as plenty of references and jokes have made their way into episodes of his Simpsons and Futurama shows. While watching my favorite segment of TV last night - [adult swim] - I thought a Futurama episode (titled "Bendin' in the Wind") cracke...

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