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The 5 best pranks to play on anyone with an iPhone

Do you feel like having some fun at the expense of your iPhone-toting friends? There are a number of nasty things you can do to anyone with a mobile phone -- switching contact numbers, for example -- but there are a few special tricks you can pull on those with the iPhone, and here are the best of...

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Colbert has an iPad 2, already wants the iPad 3

Stephen Colbert can finally eat and sleep apparently -- he was able to pick up his own iPad 2. And as you can see in the video below, he's thrilled with it. Sure, it's mostly just because it's new (it doesn't really do much his old tablet doesn't do), but his excitement is essentially boundless...

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Letterman lists 'Top Ten signs you've purchased a bad iPhone'

The iPhone's ongoing technical issues made it to David Letterman's Late Show last night, as he presented a "top ten signs you've purchased a bad iPhone." It's as funny as Letterman usually is -- I especially liked the Pop Tart one, and you even get a nice less-than-sincere apology to Larry King f...

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iSaidWhat?! lets you put a twist on words

Arguments happen, words are thrown, and words are sometimes misconstrued. "Stop putting words in my mouth!", someone might say to you. With Tapparatus's iSaidWhat?! [iTunes link], now you can put words in someone else's mouth. Well, sort of. In addition to serving as a basic voice recorder, iSaidWha...

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iLaugh, therefore I exist

Jokes are relative. What's hysterically funny for one person may not even crack a smile on another person's face. iLaugh [App Store], a database of over 50,000 jokes for the iPhone and iPod touch from developer Azure Talon, uses sheer volume of bon mots to ensure that you'll be able to find a funny ...

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Full text from "Legal Copy" ad isn't quite PC-specific

You've probably seen all of the new Get a Mac ads we posted about on Sunday, and if you haven't yet, go ahead and watch them now. We'll wait. Just let us know when you're back, we'll be playing a little Zen Bound. Done? If you saw the Legal Copy ad, you know that's the one where as PC makes crazy an...

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iLaugh for iPhone gives you the giggles

Recently updated, iLaugh [iTunes link] for iPhone is the go-to application for all things jokes. This simple application gets jokes from several different sources and allows you to get your laughs anywhere. You can choose from either, which allows you to read some clean jokes;, w...

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