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Tag: journaling

Beautifully chronicle and share your life with StoryPress

On the surface, StoryPress looks like any other photo journal app, but its unique mix of audio, visual and written storytelling is far more captivating. The oral traditions of storytelling are a lost art. These days, we tell all of our stories on social media, pictures and texts. While I'd ra...

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Day One for iOS updated to 1.10, adds PDF export option

Day One, the award-winning journaling app for iOS (and Mac) has been updated to version 1.10, adding PDF export and printing support. With the update, the entirety of your Day One journal can be exported as a single PDF or you can choose custom entries for export based on tags or date range. ...

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Patented iOS journaling system could revolutionize searching on your device

If your favorite iOS device could log every song, phone call, app download or other action with location and time stamps, searching for anything would be a lot easier. For instance, you could ask "What songs was I listening to when I was on my bike on the Cherry Creek bike path yesterday?" or "...

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TUAW TV Live: Bloggers talk about blogging tools

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on what part of the world you're coming in from! Today we're going to be talking about blogging tools on TUAW TV Live. I consider personal journals to be a kind of self-blog, so those tools will be covered as well. Of course, I can't use every blog...

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Day One 1.8 adds photos, geotagging, more

My favorite app for both iOS and Mac, Day One (US$4.99), has received an update to version 1.8 that adds a number of features to inspire your imagination in personal journaling. The iOS version is now available, while the Mac edition is still in progress. What's new in Day One? The app now ad...

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Can the Project 365 iPhone app make you a better photographer?

Photographers have always known that the more pictures you take, the more you learn about photography. Digital photography has made it easy and inexpensive for photographers of any experience level to take as many photos as they want. In addition, the advent of fairly high-resolution phone cameras h...

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in your pocket with the CBTReferee app

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that deals with dysfunctional emotions and feelings in a structured manner usually involving journaling, and reflecting on your journaled thoughts. The idea is to discover incorrect thinking and emotions. It has been found to be effecti...

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