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Ten One Design premieres Pogo Sketch Plus and Magnus iPad stand at CES

It's always great to see the guys from Ten One Design at various trade shows and conventions we cover here at TUAW and seeing them again at CES was no exception. This time around, in addition to displaying the popular Fling joystick for iPhone and iPad, Ten One had two new products on display. ...

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Turn your iPhone into an NES-style controller for free

Back in April we told you about Joypad, the US$1.99 app that lets you use your iPod touch or iPhone as a classic joystick controller for game emulators on your Mac. It works by connecting to your computer via Bluetooth once users have also downloaded the Joypad Connect software for their Mac or...

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Logitech announces fold-up keyboard and suction cup joystick for iPad

Better late than never, I guess -- Logitech is finally entering the fray of devices for Apple's iPad tablet with two new units coming out next month. First up is a foldable keyboard, similar to the company's other input devices, but meant to work directly with the iPad. There's a stand to hold ...

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WWDC Interview: Ten One Design

We got a look at the Fling from Ten One Design at Macworld, and here we are to take a look at their smaller version for the iPhone. The Fling is designed to give you a thumbstick on your iPad, and we found it works better than all the rest (certainly better than the Joystick-IT from ThinkGeek)....

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Ten One Design introduces the Fling mini joystick for iPhone

You have probably seen Fling, the joystick put together by Ten One Design that sticks right onto your iPad. And now the company has introduced a new version called the Fling mini, available for preorder right now. As you can imagine, the Fling mini is smaller than the iPad version, but Ten1 say...

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Thumbs-on review of ThinkGeek's JOYSTICK-IT for iPad

A while ago we were sent a couple of Joystick-IT "thumb sticks" from ThinkGeek (note: ThinkGeek uses all caps for the product name -- I respectfully decline to shout at readers throughout this post, and I consider this an increasingly annoying practice by marketers). Designed to give an old ana...

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GDC 2011: Graeme Devine on the iPad for gaming

Veteran game developer Graeme Devine took the stage at GDC 2011 this week to talk about Apple's iPad (and by extension, the new iPad 2, of course), and called it "the best gaming machine on the planet today." He went through his own thoughts on the device, talked a little bit about how develope...

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Joystickers provide a little tactile feedback on a touchscreen

Do you want little tactile-feedback joysticks on your iOS-device screen? And do you want to be a founding financier of the company that produces them? You're in luck. Head over to the Kickstarter funding project of Chicago-based Joystickers, who want to muss up your shiny screen with tiny, st...

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ThinkGeek's Joystick-It offers a more traditional arcade joystick for your iPad's screen

You've probably seen the Fling, which is TenOne's stick-on joystick for the iPad. Now, ThinkGeek has introduced a competitor -- the Joystick-It is another stick-on joystick for the iPad's touchscreen, this time styled a little more closely to an actual arcade controller. The bottom of the stick has...

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Mechanized joystick built to control iPhone tilt sensor, rack up high score

What do you do when you just can't get that high score you're looking for in Tilt to Live? You build a computer that's better at playing the game than you are. For Shane Wighton, that turned out to be a mechanized joystick for tilt-controlled iPhone games. When Shane couldn't achieve the score wa...

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Fling adds a joystick to your iPad

The Fling tactile game controller is a real joystick that attaches to your iPad so you can instinctively feel what you're doing with your thumb and increase your accuracy. Xbox and PlayStation controllers taught console gamers to use a left thumb joystick for movement or aiming. Action games ...

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Apple thinking about game controller, headset

We've mentioned the idea of an external game controller on the iPhone (and now, the iPad) before, but this is the first we've heard of Apple working on one themselves. Apparently a new patent would cover applying buttons, joysticks, or direction pads to an external controller, something that would ...

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