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Using a Lego robot to defeat freemium game roadblocks

If current trends are any indication, freemium gaming isn't going anywhere, leaving players to make some personal choices in their gaming. Do you bite the bullet and pay premiums for in-game currency that's usually necessary to play the game properly? Do you grind for hours to scrape together th...

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Apple finally patches vulnerability that led to Jurassic Park fiasco

Following hot on the heels of the recent SSL connection update -- and in response to criticism that the company is too slow to fix critical software issues -- Apple today released an update to its vintage System 7 OS that corrects a crucial vulnerability which made it susceptible to attacks from p...

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Daily iPad App: Jurassic Park Builder makes me wish in-app purchases were extinct

I have to admit that I'm not typically the kind of person who gets sucked into those Farmville-style games -- be it on Facebook or in app form -- that require hours and hours of tedious upkeep while slowly whittling away at your wallet a dollar or two at a time. I am, however, a fan of dinosaurs, ...

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