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Daily iPhone App: Beastie Bay is Kairosoft's addictive take on Pokemon

There are a few words in gaming that, whenever I hear or read them, just make the hair on the back of my neck stand up in anticipation. "Blizzard." "Civilization." "Puzzle Quest." And I would say that it's time to add "Kairosoft" to that list, because the Tokyo-based developer's mobile games ar...

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Namco games and more on sale for iOS this weekend

We're likely to see quite a few iOS games go on sale this week and next, as the holiday season (Too soon? Sorry!) revs up into gear. Namco has led the pack off this year, with a nice long list of holiday sales on its apps. Through Monday the 19th, nearly all of Namco's games are cheaper than ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Hot Springs Story

Game Dev Story was one of my favorite iOS games of last year. It offered a full simulation, lots of polish and some well-done game industry satire all in one tidy package. Unfortunately, a few bigger high profile titles eventually overshadowed Game Dev Story by the end of 2010. But developer ...

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