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Kanex intros Thunderbolt to eSATA and USB 3.0 adapter

After a slow start, things are really heating up in the Thunderbolt accessory market. We've reviewed Thunderbolt hard disk drives and SSDs ,Thunderbolt RAID arrays, and even Thunderbolt docks. Now Kanex has introduced a new Thunderbolt to eSATA + USB 3.0 Adapter (US$79.95) that makes it easy to us...

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Kanex GoPower Pack: Review and giveaway

TUAW reviews a lot of external battery packs, so it takes something new and interesting to get me excited. That "new and interesting" recently arrived in the form of a press release from accessory manufacturer Kanex touting the company's new line of external battery packs. The Kanex GoPower Pack (...

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Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard might be the only keyboard you need

Apple fans looking for the one keyboard to rule them all can stop looking. Kanex has released the Multi-Sync Keyboard (US69.00), and if you're wondering about the name, it's because this one keyboard can be paired with four devices. Want to use it with your Mac, an iPad and an iPhone? Pair through...

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Kanex meDrive: A pocket-sized file server for iOS and OS X

Imagine having a way to access shared files from your Mac, PC, or iOS devices without needing to tie up a computer to act as a file server. That's the idea behind the Kanex meDrive (US$79), a tiny box that connects to your Wi-Fi router and any USB flash or hard drive, and then works with a free co...

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A taste of Macworld/iWorld 2013: Bowblade, Eset, Kanex and more

Here's a little taste of the atmosphere on the floor of Macworld/iWorld 2013, plus a closer look at the Bowblade we wrote up yesterday, a chat with the antivirus/anti-malware maker Eset, and a look at what's new from Kanex. Enjoy! ...

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Get a USB 3.0 hub plus Gigabit Ethernet with Kanex's DualRole

Even though shipping Macs have sported USB 3.0 ports for more than half a year, compatible USB 3.0 hubs have been thin on the ground. Expanding those 4.8 Gbps ports would make better use of all that bandwidth, and the increased bus power (900mA vs. 500mA for the older USB 2.0 standard) is perfe...

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CES 2013: Kanex introduces meDrive, a simple file server for iDevices and Macs

Kanex just announced its new meDrive, a bring-your-own storage network drive, accessible from your computer or iOS mobile device. Supporting WebDAV and Bonjour, it offers easy setup and discovery. Retailing for US$99, the device is particularly helpful for anyone who wants to bring along vide...

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Kanex 4-port USB 3.0 Hub first look

We recently got a chance to take a peek at a new Kanex USB 3.0 hub, which promises to be a feature-filled accessory. Retailing for $59, this 4-port powered hub offers adapters to switch from US power to most standard international types, which in this case appear to be Type C, Type G and what...

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Kanex mySpot USB-powered Wi-Fi hotspot

Kanex is an accessory manufacturer that makes a wide variety of devices, from Thunderbolt cables to iPad charging stations. The mySpot (US$59.95) is a USB-powered Wi-Fi hotspot that initially confused me somewhat, because it seemed to be an expensive way to do something that could easily be don...

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Kanex back to school giveaway: Win an ATV Pro and Sydnee

Kanex makes a lot of great Mac and iOS accessories, many of which we've reviewed here on TUAW in the past. With kids, teachers, and administrators heading back to school, Kanex approached TUAW about giving away two products each to two winners of a special giveaway. The products are perfect for...

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Kanex Sydnee Smart Recharge Station for iPads

At Macworld | iWorld 2012 in January, Kanex showed off a unique charging station called the Sydnee that not only had an otherworldly appearance, but could charge up to four iPads at once. Sydnee ($149.00) is a great way for families or small offices with multiple iPads and iPhones to keep their...

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Kanex ATV Pro connects Apple TV to VGA projectors

Kanex has just released the US$59 ATV Pro HDMI to VGA adapter. This little video adapter may well be a hit with teachers and presenters who want to mirror their iPad screens to VGA projectors -- without tethering the iPad to a clunky VGA cable. Up until now, if you intended to display your iP...

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Kanex Sydnee recharging station traces design to an unusual source

Kanex is an accessories manufacturer that has traditionally built cables and connectors for Apple products. The company has recently brightened up its branding and is introducing some new products that are sure to grab some attention. I was able to take some photos of the new Kanex Sydnee iOS rech...

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Kanex offers switch for 2 Macs, 1 Cinema Display with SnapX

Kanex has a new switch, the SnapX, that lets you connect two Macs with one Apple Cinema Display. The SnapX is an all-in-one unit that ships with two mini DisplayPort cables, two USB connectors and one button to switch between the two machines. Besides a video signal, the SnapX uses the USB ca...

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Kanex AirBlue: A portable Bluetooth music solution

Kanex is well-known for their cable solutions; items like the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable are great for pumping video from Macs to HDTVs. Now the company has come out with the AirBlue Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver (US$49) -- a small device that you plug into speakers, AV receivers, autom...

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