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Kanye West on Steve Jobs' influence and how Beats will help Apple

Bono wasn't the only recording artist making waves and talking about Apple at this year's Cannes Lions event. Kayne West, arguably the most influential rapper in the world today, stopped by to talk about the Internet and his major influences. Some readers will be surprised to learn his biggest i...

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iPad as concert camera is kind of crazy

Concert shots from a mobile device are enjoyable to take and so much fun to look at when the event is over. Those grainy pictures seem to capture the excitement of the moment, and you can't help but look cool when thrusting your mobile device in the air to snag an impromptu shot. That is unless y...

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Making the most of Preview.app for image editing

Inspired by Bear Grylls's (of Discovery's Man vs. Wild) "make the most out of your situation" scenarios, I present you with a tutorial for making the most out of Preview.app. While not as powerful as graphics editing powerhouse Adobe Photoshop, Preview can oftentimes get you from Point A to Point B ...

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