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Tag: keyboard shortcuts

Mac 101: An introduction to keyboard shortcuts in Safari for Mac

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for novice Mac users. A long time friend of mine, who is also a long-time Windows user, has recently bought a MacBook Air. Like any transition, it's not been without its hiccups. But he's really pleased with his new purchase. He's also a first time user of Safari, so I...

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Automate text entry in iOS

One attribute that all tech bloggers admire in other bloggers is the ability to point out hidden (or at least poorly documented) gems in the operating systems and apps we use. Sandro Cuccia at The Mac Observer did a great job over the weekend of showing how to automate text entry in iOS using a bu...

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Friday Favorite: CommandQ for Mac

CommandQ is a Mac utility that stops you from accidentally quitting apps when using the keyboard shortcut "⌘" (or command) and "Q". Unfortunately, we are all susceptible to moments of human error. This means, with the ⌘ + Q shortcut, we sometimes quit apps we don't mean to. Perhaps when we're...

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Get Save As back on Mountain Lion's File menu easily and without hacks

You can make the "Save As..." menu item more visible and easier to use simply by giving it a different keyboard shortcut. In 10.7 (Lion), Apple removed the 'Save As' menu item and replaced it with "Duplicate" which did not work the same way. Apple relented in 10.8 (Mountain Lion) by returning...

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Mac 101: Quick navigation of browser tabs

If you ever use the tabs in your web browser, you may have a hard time navigating between them as you take your hand off the keyboard, put it on your mouse, click on the tab you're looking for, look at that page for a moment and then click back on the first tab again. As a person who has loads of ta...

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Quickly enable or disable JavaScript in Safari

By using "Disable JavaScript" on Safari's Develop menu, you can eliminate annoyances from some websites, without the frustration of disabling JavaScript altogether. I'll even show you how to make a custom keyboard shortcut for it, so your fingers never even have to leave the keyboard. The i...

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A handy Safari keyboard shortcut for Google searches

Here I go again, professing my love for keyboard shortcuts. I have shortcuts and hotkeys for just about everything I do on a daily basis. I'm running out of intuitive combinations, actually, but my muscle memory seems to have room for a few more. There's one shortcut, though, that I think every Safa...

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Custom Safari keyboard shortcuts save my sanity

I'm a latecomer to the Safari party. I have used Opera and OmniWeb, but eventually, the siren song of Safari was too much to ignore. For the most part, I like it quite a bit, but there is one thing that has bothered me for a long time. Safari has some ridiculous keyboard shortcuts. So, I made some...

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Divvy up your windows

For those who deal with a lot of windows, especially on multiple screens, any utility that makes it easier to organize and reposition those windows quickly is a boon. I've used SizeUp for a while now, and have become very accustomed to being able to quickly snap my windows into halves or quarters of...

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Create keyboard shortcuts to jump to Safari 4 tabs directly

My friend Steve (no, not that Steve) just solved a problem I've had for awhile now: how to jump to a specific tab in Safari using the keyboard. Turns out that it's possible, and it's free, and it works pretty well. What else could you ask for? The solution comes from Paul Kretek's website where h...

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TextExpander 3 makes short work of keyboard shortcuts

TextExpander, one of my very most favorite (yes, I like it that much) utilities has been updated to version 3. This is a major update and renovation of the program, which has changed from a preference pane to an application. I honestly don't think that I could use a Mac without TextExpander anymor...

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Mac 101: Navigating OS X with your keyboard

Let's face it: unless you're just casually surfing the Internet or playing a game, chances are pretty good that your hands are on the keyboard most of the time when you're at the computer. Sure, the mouse is only a few inches away, but wouldn't it just be easier if you didn't have to keep going back...

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Ask TUAW: iPad VGA out, changing keyboard shortcuts, Time Capsule worries, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about changing keyboard shortcuts in Keynote, the iPad's dock to VGA adapter, Time Capsule failures, Mac-compatible scanners, iPhone voice control, and more. As always, your suggestions and question...

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TUAW Tip: Paste without formatting by default

Here's something I know affects plenty of users out there. Have you ever pasted text in a document or email message, only to have it formatted differently than all the text around it? Irritating, right? There's an answer, thanks to the Keyboard & Mouse pane in System Preferences. If you cl...

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Mac 101: Put your display to sleep fast

Quick! The boss is coming! Hide your screen! What, you don't have Spaces set up so you can switch to that handy Excel worksheet you've got open? That's okay -- just put your display to sleep. Of course, there are other reasons to want to quickly turn off your display, but they all have one simple k...

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