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Photo: Wall-mounted Apple keyboards

It's like a nerdy Bat Cave. Flickr user Peter Bocken shares this image of several Apple keyboards, carefully mounted on a wall. Can you name them all? We'd like to see a Bluetooth keyboard added to the display. You can see Bocken's mouse collection in all of its glory here. You can contribute to...

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Logitech G series now available: Gaming keyboards and mice for Mac

We heard way back in January that Logitech was possibly planning to bring its gaming peripherals to the Mac, and that's exactly what's happened. Logitech has announced that its G series of keyboards and mice, designed to entice gamers with features like lots of extra customizable buttons,...

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Beta test reveals Logitech planning to support OS X lists callouts for beta testers. A recent listing has revealed that accessory maker Logitech is planning to expand its support for OS X. In the listing, Logitech asks for help testing out its various gaming keyboards and mice on OS X, offering up public software for more...

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Levitatr iPad keyboard would offer keys on demand

Here's a compelling Kickstarter project that iPad keyboard jockeys will like. The Levitatr keyboard is ready for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It's a thin aluminum thing at 12.5mm thick and features Bluetooth connectivity and keys that pop up when you need them, and recede when you...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help find a Dvorak Keyboard for the Mac

Dear Aunt TUAW, A coworker of mine is wondering if Auntie knows of a good Mac-friendly Dvorak keyboard. Do you know of one? Your loving nephew, MJ...

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TUAW Braintrust: What are your views on keyboards?

Over the last week or two, my keyboard (an inexpensive Macally Apple-style unit) has been dying a slow but inevitable death. When I found myself having to hit the space key about 5 times for each successful contact, I knew it was time to start looking around for a replacement. Of course, the most...

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Ask TUAW: Choosing an iPhone, used Mac disposal, wake from sleep, podcast software and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about getting an iPhone, disposing of old Macs, wake from sleep issues, exchanging a recent Mac purchase, podcast hardware and software, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are...

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Coming in iPhone 1.1.1. probably

Eagle-eyed reader Travis (thanks!) went over Engadget's photos of the O2 iPhone announced yesterday morning, and sussed out every little feature and update he saw on their iPhones that current owners don't have. We can only believe that the iPhones shown must have already been updated to 1.1.1, and...

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Fix those Aluminium Keyboard woes

A few days ago, Scott mentioned that some people (myself included) had been experiencing issues with the F3 and F4 keys. Re-installation of the Keyboard Update 1.1 made no difference, and my F3 and F4 keys remained sadly nonfunctional on Apple's slim-line keyboard. Until this evening, that is,...

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Denver man hacks thumbs for more efficient iPhone use - literally [Updated]

Keyboards on handheld devices and smartphones have often been debated in terms of how much work they actually let you get done. Tiny displays, limited functionality, itty-bitty keyboard buttons and now the iPhone's entirely virtual keyboard whose keys can be hard to hit for some people have given...

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Razer Pro|Type Desktop ready to go

Razer announced the pending availability of their Pro|Type keyboard back in August. Honestly, we were wondering it was ever going to ship, and how much it would cost. Now we finally know. This week, Razer announced that their battleship-sized keyboard will cost $130US and begin shipping today,...

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Razer introduces feature-packed keyboard with iPod dock

Is that plain-jane Apple Keyboard starting to feel a little lax in the feature department? Do you find yourself wanting for, say, 10 programmable hotkeys and dedicated iTunes control keys? How does a built-in iPod dock sound, with an audio line out port for the ultimate in keyboard luxury and...

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