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Mac 101: Using Keychain Access to remember the password you forgot

One of the unsung joys of being a Mac consultant is getting emails from clients with problems that aren't critical enough warrant a billable office visit but still need attention. This morning, I heard from client who needed to add two Macs onto the office AirPort network but couldn't remember ...

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Mac 101: Retrieve lost passwords

Everyone eventually forgets a password or two. It's OK, don't be ashamed. Even your friends at TUAW have committed this error. Honestly. Ivan at CreativeBits offers a simple way to reveal a forgotten password with Mac OS X's Keychain Access application. You'll find it in your Utilities folder (which...

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Password Assistant

Password Assistant is a handy dandy little utility from codepoetry that  uses some hooks into Keychain Access to create complicated passwords easily. It is open source (you gotta love that) and free (woo!)....

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Keychain Access tutorial

If you aren't using Keychain Access in OS X,  you're missing out. Of course many applications take advantage of this secure repository for passwords without you knowing about it, but this application can be used for a few more things. NonStopMac.com has a short tutorial that walks you through w...

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