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Poll: Who's gonna keynote?

Tomorrow, Apple will introduce its iPhone OS 4.0 roadmap. And we'll be there, metaliveblogging our hearts out as the events unroll. The big mystery tonight, at least here in TUAW-land, is who will give the speech. Is this going to be a big-time Steve Jobs keynote? Or can we expect Phil Schiller to p...

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It's all about the music: tunes from Apple's keynote presentations

I hope this post gets filed in the "I knew I wasn't the only one!" mental filing cabinets of many. Because if it doesn't, then it makes me the only one who really looks forward to the music Apple uses in its keynotes. Whether it's a song that leads up to Steve Jobs' entrance on stage, or one used in...

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Tinfoil Hat Patrol: Why weren't the new iPhones announced at Macworld

Let's face it. Macworld Expo 2008 didn't exactly blow people away with its product intros. There was the MacBook Air, Apple TV Take Two and...um...not much else. And there could have been. Think about it. The Mac Pro was quietly upgraded in the days that led up to the event (psst, hey you, intereste...

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Apple Legal Forces AppleKeynotes.com Shutdown

A group of Mac fans started collecting the various different Apple Keynote addresses into one place, AppleKeynotes.com. It was developing into an interesting community site where people could watch or re-watch some of the Keynote addresses from the past. Were I a marketing or speech instructor, I'd...

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