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Apple alters App Store algorithm yet again

Apple tinkered with its App Store algorithm last week and changed the search position of some apps by ordering results based on user ratings and an app's description. This morning a report from TechCrunch suggests the Cupertino company has tweaked the algorithm again to add some weight back to th...

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Apple adds keywords to App Store additions

Earlier this week, Apple took a step towards making iPhone and iPod touch apps easier to find. Specifically, developers can now add comma-separated keywords to their apps, up to 255 characters. Hopefully this will make it easier to find apps, because it's certainly not easy now. The categories are ...

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iPhoto Keyword Assistant and Manager plugins updated

The two major keyword plugins for iPhoto have both been updated recently. First up is everyone's favorite free alternative, Ken Ferry's Keyword Assistant which we've covered in the past. This new 1.9.4 version adds a panel with tag keyword auto-completion, and it can also alphabetize the keyword lis...

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Keyword Manager 1.1 adds major keyword management features, more

Keyword Manager from Bullstorm scored a license purchase from yours truly the day we found it, and the feature-packed iPhoto keyword plugin recently had an unassuming but handy upgrade to v1.1. Clicking on the "What's New?" heading at Bullstorm's site reveals a strong list of new features, includ...

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Keyword Manager for iPhoto

For as long as I can remember, Ken Ferry's Keyword Assistant has been the only iPhoto plugin (at least, AFAIK) for adding some real power and, dare I say, "tagging" to iPhoto's keyword system. Now there's a new kid on the block by the name of Keyword Manager, and it definitely brings some interesti...

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Keyword Assistant updated for iPhoto 6.0.5

Apple updated their apps for Aperture 1.5's arrival, and Ken Ferry stayed right in step and updated his fantastic Keyword Assistant plugin for iPhoto, which we've mentioned before. Version 1.9.3 also brings a Russian localization to the table, meaning it now works in English, Danish, Dutch, French,...

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