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Clipboard Killer

We've all been there– intending to paste a link to that hot new social network but instead exposing your social security number. Indeed, the clipboard can be a fickle and unforgiving mistress. After an unfortunate incident last night (which he won't elaborate on), my buddy Emory decided to pul...

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Joy of Tech with marketing advise for Microsoft's 'iPod Killer'

Joy of Tech has put together a rather humorous comic offering some marketing advice to Microsoft to aid their iPod Killer in its quest. Tips include celebrity endorsements, siphoning Gates' fortune and a contest to win a date with *ahem* Miss iPod Killer. My advice? Instead of naming it Argo, why no...

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WidgetKiller: stop Dashboard dead in its tracks

WidgetKiller, as its oh-so-deceptive name might betray, is a simple Automator action with one purpose in life: turning on and off Dashboard. If you've been counting every bit and megabyte of RAM that your widgets quietly eat up, this action is for you. WidgetKiller is free and available from Apple'...

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Microsoft confirms the 'iPod killer' rumors are false

Yesterday, Engadget posted some less-than-clear images with rumors of an iPod killer coming soon from the Microsoft camp. Today, PC Magazine has confirmation from a Microsoft rep that these rumors were nothing more than hot air. In fact, they were simply the result of a mis-translated Japanese pres...

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