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OmniFocus public beta released

The Mac platform has an embarrasment of riches with regards to Getting Things Done applications, but the grand-daddy of GTD on the Mac is Ethan Schoonover's Kinkless GTD, a set of AppleScripts built on top of Omni Software's OmniOutliner Pro. Omni finally seemed to realize the significance of this a...

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A Kinkless Desktop

Ethan Schoonover is the creator of Kinkless GTD, the series of AppleScripts for OmniOutliner that was one of the first serious GTD implementations on the Mac. He has since contributed to the development of the forthcoming OmniFocus. Ethan's productivity tips go beyind kGTD, however, and he has a fiv...

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OmniFocus Sneak Preview

OmniGroup today hosted a special event at the flagship Apple store in San Francisco to give users a sneak peak into their upcoming GTD productivity software OmniFocus. TUAW was there and brings you this special bulleted report! OmniFocus, unlike its predecessor KinklessGTD will feature an insta...

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Beta Beat: Actiontastic 0.8.2, Quicksilver Integration

Actiontastic, one of the contenders to be the go-to application for Mac using GTD-ers, has just been updated to version 0.8.2, and brings with it some spiffy upgrades including interface tweaks, a complete back-end database re-coding, and various bug fixes. But obviously those things alone don't war...

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