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Gen 2 lilitab adds easy on/off, MagKey to iPad kiosk

When we last checked in on the lilitab tablet kiosk product 18 months ago, the sturdy and economical stand delivered a sleek, minimalist look for retail and exhibit environments. Rolling forward to new tablet models, however, required replacing the entire head unit, and the fixed viewing angle was...

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Design studio creates modular multiple iPad kiosk arrays: Functional art

iPad kiosk enclosure design house nClosures has come up with a fascinating and beautiful way to attach multiple iPads in artistic kiosk arrays. One of the firm's designers, William Coburn, came up with the idea that the company could build arrays of iPads that would "mimic the form of what is b...

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Griffin's Kiosk iPad mount now available

If you've been thinking about using an iPad for a customer kiosk in your business, but haven't figured out how to secure it, Griffin's new Kiosk may be just the solution. The Kiosk comes in two versions -- the Floor Mount (US$299), which screws into a floor and lifts the iPad to 47.5" above f...

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Tennessee drivers can use iPads to quickly renew drivers licenses

If you're a licensed driver in the state of Tennessee, don't be surprised if you see an iPad on your next visit to the local driver service center. Tennessee's Department of Safety and Homeland Security recently spent US$79,200 to install 72 iPad kiosks inside 26 of those service centers for th...

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Lilitab iPad kiosk hits the mark on price, simplicity

Having the iPad serve as a portable, simple display kiosk or showcase is terribly tempting. For one thing, now that the 16GB iPad 2 has dropped in price due to the new iPad launch, it's more affordable than ever. For another, getting that touch interaction right in front of your customers or exhib...

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Hubworks uses iPads to help restaurant customers order food

We've posted before about Hubworks, a company based in Idaho that develops consumer-facing solutions for ordering food and interacting with servers at restaurants via iPads. Most of Apple's sales are directly to consumers, but Hubworks is just one company of many that's getting more involved in bu...

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BubCap Pro updates tamper protection to the big league

I first looked at BubCap by Paperclip Robot last summer, finding it handy for parents, during demonstrations and preventing inadvertent access to the iPhone or iPad Home button. At that time, there were three BupCaps models available: the Regular, the Ultra and the Max models (in order of resilie...

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Use an iPad in a kiosk with aluminum nClosures

The enclosures securing and protecting the iPads I spied at LaGuardia looked like custom jobs for Delta's terminal, but if you want to install an iPad for use in a kiosk, it appears nClosures has your multitouch device literally covered. The iPad kiosk mount from nClosures is a complete solutio...

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The apps on Delta's iPads at LaGuardia airport in New York

A few weeks ago I got stuck for many hours at LaGuardia airport in New York (shocking, I realize, given how smooth air travel is these days). While at the Delta terminal I saw dozens of iPads installed next to small booths, designed for travelers to recharge and possibly play a game or order so...

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Elliptic Labs to show off gesture-sensing iPad dock at CES 2011

Elliptic Labs has been working on gesture-sensing technology for a while now (where you can just swipe your hand in the air instead of actually touching a screen), and rumor has it that the company will be showing off a dock at next month's CES show for the iPad -- something that enables you to con...

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Apple devices seen everywhere at the LA Auto Show

Tech blog Cosby Sweaters noticed something interesting at the recent LA Auto Show: Apple was there in force. Not officially -- there is no iCar being sold just yet. But iPads and iMacs were used for a surprising amount of the kiosk displays by manufacturers. Lexus even had a 15-iPod touch display (...

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Delta's JFK terminal goes iPad crazy

Back in the day, it was not uncommon to sit down in a booth at a diner and find a box with lists of songs that you could browse and play back through the jukebox. Fast forward to 2010, and the Delta Airlines terminal at New York City's John F. Kennedy airport. With most people carrying a jukebox ...

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iBracket turns your iPad into an iKiosk

Gravity Switch has been designing and developing touch-screen kiosks, websites and custom applications for 14 years, so it's not a surprise that their attention would move to the iPad. Apple's newest device is perfect for touchscreen kiosk applications, as well as much less expensive than most trad...

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WWDC Demo: Videro, a digital signage tool for Macs

Videro is one of those silent-but-cool application suites you've probably never heard of, but you may see it being used every day. I met some of the Videro team at WWDC, and they were happy to demo a little of what the tools do: electronic signage and interactive kiosks. If you happen to need an a...

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Mac mini and Dropbox: Getting it done

Yesterday I wrote about my love of the Mac mini. So dependable and unobtrusive, it's the Honda Civic of computers. In the post, I briefly described how we use Dropbox to send routinely-updated Keynote files to the mini. A few of you wrote to ask for details, so I decided to share that information he...

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