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No Comment: Android tablet not actually endorsed by Steve Jobs

Amidst the legal and marketplace challenges to Android tablets, there are certainly a few bright spots: a British court ruled that Galaxy tablets aren't likely to be confused for Apple's iPad because the Samsung competitive devices "are not as cool." Yes, the judge really said that. But at leas...

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iPhone nano fake available in China

Apple may never introduce an iPhone nano, but that's not keeping the knockoff manufacturers in China from creating them. The phone was discovered by a writer for Giz-China.com, who was checking out a Lenovo tablet when he spied the mini-iPhone 4 clone. While unable to get exact dimensions of the...

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Fake iPhones at JC Penney let you text away your dignity

There's little to say about these "iPhones" except that they are obviously NOT iPhones. Instead, you can "message a friend up to 50 feet away" for those times when 50 feet is too far to walk or shout. Other features on this texting device include "touch screen technology" and a calculator. Pretty aw...

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Keepin' It Real Fake: iPad meets Mini Me

It's always a fun moment when a friend comes by to say "Yeah, I just got this Android 7" tablet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to send it back." Not without letting us take a quick snapshot, you're not! This $199 KIRF tablet is a dead ringer for a squeezed, shrunk-down iPad -- there's even a litt...

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Tonight on the Talkcast: Fake or real? Engadget's 'iPhone HD' find

Many of you may be wondering "Where's the TUAW post about this phone from the bar that Engadget is talking about? Is it the next iPhone? Huh?" Well, the answer is simple: as much as we love our Engadget pals, and as much as we respect their enthusiasm for all things Apple, we were pretty sure it was...

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A "plastic bag" or "an iPad case"? You be the judge.

I was surfing on Amazon over the weekend and decided to see what would come up when I searched for "iPad". One of the first results was: TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case/Cover for Apple iPad, Blue Border and what caught my attention was that it only had one star. That seemed pretty severe, ...

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