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Tag: kitten

Cat Scratch Fever: The complete Friskies iOS cat app library

Kittens are on the minds of part of the TUAW crew this week; Editor-In-Chief Victor Agreda, Jr. is now the proud dad of Kit-Kat (yes, we know she has an Android OS name), while my wife and I decided to open our home to two adorable new kitties named Merry and Pippin. While looking around last night ...

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Caturday: The cute, it burns us, precioussss.....

Surgeon General's Warning: The picture above is too cute. Avert your eyes quickly, and move on to other TUAW posts before you get the urge to rub this kitten's cute little belly and pink feet, warm from snoozing on his owner's MacBook Pro. If you've got a Caturday nominee to share, let us know ...

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Flickr Find: Caturday edition

Next time you wonder where the kitten has gone, check the warm parts of your Mac's power cord. photo by MorrowLess - Alex Nelson ...

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Kittens like Front Row

really expensive cat toy was sent in by Brenden, and it is cute and scary all at the same time (I wouldn't like a kitten do that to my new MacBook Pro, but then again I'm a stick in the mud). Before anyone chimes in, I would like to point out two things: This video is really cute. I mean, a kit...

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