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Cat Scratch Fever: The complete Friskies iOS cat app library

Kittens are on the minds of part of the TUAW crew this week; Editor-In-Chief Victor Agreda, Jr. is now the proud dad of Kit-Kat (yes, we know she has an Android OS name), while my wife and I decided to open our home to two adorable new kitties named Merry and Pippin. While looking around last night ...

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Firearms, futuristic spaceships and lots of explosions in Naughty Kitties

Naughty Kitties is an action-strategy game that combines two of everyone's favorite things: kittens and high-powered weapons. As the player, you and your cats must keep your spaceship -- yes, spaceship -- alive as it cruises along the skies and takes down alien enemies. Your ship can be defended ...

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Every dog has had his day, now we're back to Caturday

Sure, it's still officially summer until September 22, but as Mike Rose mentioned the other day on Facebook, "autumn has unofficially begun." That means that the Dog Days of Summer are now ended, and it's time for our weekly Caturday feature. Cats are usually cute, but there's nothing more painfu...

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iFixit tears down the 13" Retina MacBook Pro (with kittens!)

What's better than an iFixit tear-down of a new Mac? A teardown complete with a "21-Day-Old Kitten Late 2012"! The iFixit team did their usual thorough job of gently disassembling and inspecting each part of a brand new 13" Retina MacBook Pro, but it's extra-special this time because there are ...

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Take your cute pills: Apple kitteh is a furry little Mac fan

It's Sunday, a time for reflection, reading the Sunday comics, and looking at pictures of cute kittehs! TUAW Reader Brian sent us a link to one of his favorite sites, The Daily Kitten. On March 6th, the kitten of the day was a little sweetheart named Lyra, who has learned at a young age that App...

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All is right with the world; iStat Menus 2.0 is here

The world was looking bleak and dreary after Snow Leopard arrived last week, for my little menu bar friend, iStat Menus for Mac, was incompatible with the new version of Mac OS X. This morning, however, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, fluffy kittens are playing again (see image at righ...

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