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Kitty likes that old-school PowerBook style

I'd begrudgingly have to pick the one on the left -- for productivity reasons, of course -- but that oh-so-retro PowerBook could definitely have a place in my home as well. As could that adorable feline. [Photo Credit: Raneko]...

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Tabby is not impressed with the Mac mini

Ok, so it's not the most powerful Mac of all time -- and this 2009 model is definitely a bit out of date -- but there's no reason to look at it with such disdain. [Photo Credit: Michael Gorzka]...

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Caturday: Cool breeze

Actually this kitten may be getting a blast of warm air, depending, but the cat looks content to bask in the glow of an iMac's screen during naptime. Something fun for a Saturday as we cruise towards Halloween. Got a Caturday pic? Send it to us via our feedback page. Don't like Caturday posts...

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Daily iPad App: Kitty

Kitty is a US$4.99 virtual cat. Developed by Alex Komarov (that same guy who created that marvelous accordion application demonstrated at the iPad roll-out), Kitty provides an interactive virtual pet-ownership experience. I am clearly not the target audience for this app. I have a daughter th...

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