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iPhone 3G mini? Looks legit to me

Apparently all you need to do to knock off an imaginary Apple product is put "Mini" on the back in really crappy vinyl lettering. [Photo credit: Juska Wendland]...

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Apple adds page to Chinese website showing how to recognize genuine power adapters

Last week, TUAW reported on the case of Ma Aliun, a 23-year-old Chinese flight attendant who was apparently electrocuted while answering her iPhone -- which was attached to what may have been a knockoff iPhone charger. Apple has now added a page to its Chinese website showing iPhone and iPad users...

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Can't wait for a new iMac? Buy a cheap Chinese knockoff instead

It's getting very close to the end of November, and Apple's iMac web page still shows the 21.5-inch all-in-one Mac as "coming in November," with the 27-inch slender desktop "coming in December." If you're worried that there may be no new iMac under the Christmas tree this year, then you might w...

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Apple proposes settlement with Queens-area knockoff stores

Reuters reports that two Apple-knockoff stores located in the Queens borough of New York City have been offered a settlement agreement, currently under judicial review. Apple's proposed settlement mandates that the stores hand over all products bearing Apple's trademarks and branding; one store...

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Apple cracks down on counterfeit products being sold in NYC

NYC may not have as many fake Apple stores as China, but it has a few and they've caught the eye of Apple. Apple has executed several seizure warrants and removed fake goods that carry the Apple logo or name from these stores. A trademark infringement lawsuit has halted sales of the alleged kno...

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China finds and shuts down 22 more fake Apple Stores

Chinese authorities already shut down two fake Apple Stores located in the Kunming area, but that was apparently just the opening salvo. According to Reuters, 22 more unauthorized Apple retailers have now been located and shuttered. It's not clear from the report if these retailers went all-out...

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Angry customers respond to fake Apple Stores

A casual blog piece about a fake Apple Store in Kunming, China went viral this week and exposed a thriving underground retail industry based on false appearances. From the inside and out, these fake Apple stores look real, but they're not. And their customers who are just now discovering the trut...

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No comment: Faux Apple Stores in China

It seems several completely unauthorized "Apple Stores" have been spotted in Kunming, China by the author of the blog BirdAbroad. While Apple's Q3 earnings call mentioned the exploding Asian market, Apple's official Apple Stores are only found in Beijing and Shanghai -- stores opened with much bal...

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Tonight on the Talkcast: Fake or real? Engadget's 'iPhone HD' find

Many of you may be wondering "Where's the TUAW post about this phone from the bar that Engadget is talking about? Is it the next iPhone? Huh?" Well, the answer is simple: as much as we love our Engadget pals, and as much as we respect their enthusiasm for all things Apple, we were pretty sure it was...

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Pre ad is to iPhone ad as dude is to lady in Aerosmith song of the same name

What can I say? White background, disembodied finger and digi-creepy stillness of the device... the Bell [Canada] version of an ad for the Palm Pre looks hilariously like an iPhone ad. View the videos and judge for yourself. Then get a Pre if you are compelled to do so. It has maps and Twitter and y...

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Apple sued by maker of iPod knockoffs

Taiwanese Luxpro Corp is suing Apple for a cool 100 million dollars. Luxpro, which was sued by Apple back in 2005 for making the Tangent line of iPod knock-offs, is now suing Apple after a Taiwanese court's ruling on behalf of Apple was overturned. Following all this? Luxpro created the Tangent, a ...

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