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Hook the big ones with the Digital Guide to Fishing Knots

If you follow the tips and steps to tying proper knots in this app you won't need to talk about the "one that got away" with your fishing buddies. The Digital Guide to Fishing Knots is an iPad app that costs US$.99 and needs iOS 6.0 or later. The Digital Guide to Fishing Knots' layout makes i...

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Watch knots spring to life with Animated Knots

Do you want to tie a specialized knot? There's an app for that! Animated Knots isn't particularly polished or overdesigned. Instead, it presents a list of knots that are arranged in categories, such as boating, fishing, and scouting. You tap on a knot, and you see the knot tie itself on screen using...

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iPod cable managment via crochet

All this time I have been trying to avoid getting my iPod headphone cables knotted, but it seems that the key to tangle free headphones is in the knot. At least, if you know crochet or can follow these instructions at Instructables at least. These instructions are bound to delight some, and anger so...

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