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Thanksgiving app sales: Frogger Free, iBlast Moki 2, lots more

Every day this week, we'll be spotlighting some major app sales on the Store, because all week long for Thanksgiving, devs everywhere are putting up their apps for discounted prices. Come get some great cheap apps! The beautiful Lemmings-a-like Spirits for iPhone is down to just 99 cents. ...

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Daily iPhone App: Frogger Decades

Everybody knows Frogger, right? 30 (!) years ago, Frogger jumped into the arcades and became one of the most popular arcade titles of all time, and now Konami has released a new version of the game on the iOS platform. It's not exactly the same as the old game (the graphics are in 3D now, and y...

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Daily iPhone App: Gesundheit

Gesundheit is a strange but beautiful little game, recently released to the App Store by Konami. It's sort of a puzzle game, though there are action elements as well. You play a little pig whose talent is that he can sneeze boogers out at a distance, which may not sound like much, but certainly...

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Final day of July 4 app sales

A lot of the App Store's biggest apps have been on sale this weekend, and a few holdouts dropped prices earlier today. If your head hasn't hit the pillow yet after your local fireworks extravaganza, make sure to grab some of these while the prices are low: The Real Racing series is on sale...

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on iPad, X-Men Arcade out now on iOS

It's Thursday again and that means more big profile releases in the App Store. This week there are two big titles out to play with, in addition to lots of other smaller releases. First up, Konami has released a port of the old X-Men: The Arcade Game on iOS, the side-scrolling beat-em-up from wa...

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Archetype, Hero of Sparta 2 on iPad, PES 2010 coming

A few high profile apps have made their way over to the iPad recently. First up, Archetype is that first-person shooter that ran surprisingly well on the iPhone. It's now available on the bigger device with updated HD graphics and a redesigned HUD to take advantage of the bigger screen space. Addit...

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TUAW's Daily App: Tomena Sanner

This one comes on the recommendation of a friend here at E3 -- Tomena Sanner was released for the iPhone last year by Konami, and it's a fun, crazy little game that's probably lots more entertainment than it deserves to be. Like Canabalt, it's a one-button title, but unlike Canabalt, it doesn't tak...

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Konami website now iPhone-accessible

Make this happen by mirroring the standard Konami sequence (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right) using swipes instead of touching command keys. When you get to the BA sequence, a controller will appear on-screen to let you tap the B-button and then the A-button. As for the Konami-compa...

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Konami announces four big titles for iPhone

Unfortunately, not one of them is Contra. But the iPhone is going to get some pretty big name titles from Konami -- the company announced yesterday that Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution, and Frogger were all coming to our favorite mobile gaming platform from the company's vaults...

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