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Adobe Releases Kuler for iPhone

Rejoice designers. Adobe has released a free Kuler app for iPhone. Kuler is a free service offered by Adobe that helps designers with the creation and sharing of color themes using a series of slides and color wheels. The site is fun, but the app is a powerful addition. The app allows designers bu...

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Pantone offers color libraries for iPhone, mostly

While it's been in the App Store for the last few days, Pantone is officially launching its color discovery and management app for iPhone today, called myPANTONE. The Pantone Matching System, among other Pantone products, is the indispensable color system for printers and graphic designers, and it o...

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Many TUAW readers, I would assume, are in either employed by, or dabble in, the creative pursuits. This means from time to time you have to fire up an illustration program, or design something using a color scheme. Luckily, I spend most of my time writing, not designing. I am mildly colorblind, and ...

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Widget Watch: kuler

kuler is a neat online application from Adobe that allows you to create, and share, color schemes online. This is a boon for someone like me, who has trouble dressing himself let alone figuring out what color combos will look good on a website. Recenlty Adobe added the ability to subscribe to RSS fe...

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