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Mac 101: Learn more about your files at a glance

Welcome to another edition of Mac 101, TUAW's series for beginners. Today, we show you how to get more bang for your desktop real-estate buck with Finder icon labels. Have you ever wanted to know how large a picture on your Desktop was, but didn't want to open it (or even just hit ⌘I to get info)? O...

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Mac 101: Where'd my send button go?

More Mac 101, TUAW's series for beginners. My mom called me up last week with this question about Mail: "Where did my send button go?" Turns out she had mistakenly clicked the white chiclet (pictured) in the upper-right hand corner of her message's compose window, hiding her toolbar. When she clic...

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Hey Folders! adds colored folders to Finder

Hey Folders! is a handy utility from the maker of Mail.Appetizer that extends the Finder's colored label feature to labeled folders themselves. As you can see, the entire folder icon takes on the color of the label, though files (fortunately) do not receive the colored overlay treatment (I wager th...

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Memorex iPod wraps

Memorex has entered the fast paced world of iPod coverings. Announced at CES (where Engadget is spending many caffeine fueled hours trying to cover every single new product released), the 'Printable Wraps for iPod,' wins my CES iPod accessory award for lamest/most straightforward name of a product. ...

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Automated labels the mac geek way

Tagging is all the rage now adays. Web 2.0 companies have risen and fallen over tagging. People love it so much that some folks would like to tag files in the Finder so that they can leverage Spotlight%uFFFD for their own purposes. However, wouldn't it be cool if you could automatically 'tag' files?...

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Fix non-iTMS video labels

Another gem from MacOSXHints covers a method, albeit not exactly pretty, for labeling TV video files you bring into iTunes as TV shows. This helps with organizing videos and I believe using the new Search Bar in iTunes 6 (Edit > Show Search Bar). The MacOSXHints post offers a command line tool b...

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