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Epson invents a clever label printer that works with iOS

Epson was nice enough to send me a review unit of its new Labelworks LW-600P portable label printer (US$99.00). I didn't feel I had much personal need for labels around the home office, but that quickly changed when I got the printer up and running. Specifications The printer works with iOS or OS ...

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Apple, others in talks to improve quality of music downloads

CNN reports that Apple is in touch with record labels to try and improve the quality of the downloadable music it sells on iTunes and elsewhere. Currently, the MP3s sold on iTunes are formatted as 16-bit files, but under the new proposal, they'd be upgraded to 24-bit files, which means the files wo...

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Misuse of labels: On the definitions of "mobile" and "computer"

In the world of corporate communications, a big part of delivering a message involves defining the terms of the discussion. Over the past few weeks, both Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been caught up in this action while discussing the mobile space. During the most re...

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TUAW First Look: Cellar puts your wine collection in your pocket

Beverage choice should be simple: coffee or tea to rev up, wine or beer to spin down (App Store links). Of course, when it comes to drink choices, there's definitely an app for that: from the makers of espresso-instructions app Barista, we now have the $0.99 Cellar (under App Store review and appea...

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NYT: Music execs operate 'in fear of Apple'

In today's New York Times, Tim Arango tells a story of a heated conversation between Sony Music's Rolf Schmidt-Holtz and Steve Jobs on Christmas Eve -- one that "ricocheted around the music industry." Apparently, before the announcement at Macworld, all the labels except Sony had agreed to a new pri...

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Avery releases free Design Pro for Mac

Avery Office Products, the purveyor of labels, blank business cards, binder dividers, greeting cards, and iron-on t-shirt transfers, has released a free application called Design Pro for Mac. This software was demoed at Macworld Expo in January and is now available for download (registration requi...

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Manage your holiday mailing list with Address Book

There's something about hand writing the names and address of each of your holiday card and gift recipients. That "something special" is frustration! Hand cramps, errors, wasted envelopes. How pleasant. Forget all that and let Apple's Address Book take care of it for you. First, create a new Smart G...

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iTunes UK pwns competition for artist pay

Pretend you're a struggling musician. How much money would you rather take home for each track sold? £0.70 or £0.005? Not even a close contest, is it? Jacqui Cheng of Infinite Loop writes about a huge disparity between UK music services. iTunes just totally pwns the competition when it ...

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Found Footage: Organizing Files with Labels and Smart Folders

To be honest I've never really gotten the Finder's colored labels. That is to say, I've never really understood how to use them to good effect. However, this video tutorial from Living With Mac convinced me I need to take another look at the usefulness of labels, particularly when combined with Sma...

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Hey Folders! adds colored folders to Finder

Hey Folders! is a handy utility from the maker of Mail.Appetizer that extends the Finder's colored label feature to labeled folders themselves. As you can see, the entire folder icon takes on the color of the label, though files (fortunately) do not receive the colored overlay treatment (I wager th...

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Jobs close to winning iTMS pricing war?

The New York Post is reporting that the record companies "might be on the verge" of finally throwing in the towel on the fight for variable pricing in the iTMS. The labels are reportedly pulling out all the stops, with some executives even telling the Post that they are considering allowin...

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