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$10,000 worth of iPhones stolen from Lancaster, PA Apple Store

Apple Stores continue to be sizable targets for theft, it seems -- the local paper in Lancaster, PA reports that four young men stole 17 iPhones from the displays at an Apple Store recently, resulting in almost $10,000 worth of losses. The robbery took place during the day; at around 1:30pm, the yo...

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Apple Store Park City, Lancaster PA: Photos from opening day

It's a fine Saturday for a new Apple Store -- in fact, it's a fine day for five of them, ranging from the mighty Pacific to the towering Rockies, from the fruited hills of Pennsylvania to the verdant valleys of Northern Ireland. [Dial it back there, Woody Guthrie. – Ed.] Even as most economic...

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Five new Apple retail stores open Saturday

Apple is opening its fifth retail location in San Diego county at Westfield North County Fair in Escondido this Saturday at 10 a.m. The Apple Store is centrally located in the mall on the middle level across from Nordstrom. Opening the same day at 9 a.m. is an Apple Store for Lancaster, PA at the ...

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Lancaster mall to get Apple store in fall

Is it strange to feel affectionate towards a shopping mall? While I didn't visit Park City in Lancaster, PA as a kid, I still have a sense of it being "my mall" -- my wife grew up in Lancaster, and I think over the years I've absorbed some of her connection to the place. Retail nostalgia by spousal ...

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