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Intensify is a powerful image editor for Mac OS

Intensify is a new Mac app designed to dramatically enhance your images without requiring you to have deep knowledge of editing and adjustments. I would put it solidly between the iPhoto's editing tools and Photoshop. Open Intensify, then open an image and explore the presets designed by pro photog...

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Daily iPhone App: View Seeker Location Scout: a handy tool for iPhone photographers

View Seeker Location Scout is a handy US$0.99 photo app that can help you find the best locations for landscape photography. You can get all the best locations around you with a click, which the app does by sourcing images from Panoramio and Flickr. Once you find a spot you like it appears on a m...

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Panoramaâ„¢ for iOS is a clean and simple way to create super-wide angle photos

There are a lot of apps for creating panoramas with your favorite camera equipped iOS device, and most do the job well. There are paid apps, and others like the free Photosynth from Microsoft which stitch lots of photos together vertically, horizontally, or in a complete 360 degree views. If yo...

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Daily iPad App: Stuck on Earth

Stuck on Earth is one of those 'really good ideas' that only seems obvious after you've seen it and spent some time with this free app. It's designed for travelers and especially photographers. Move a map to any place on earth, and as you zoom in you will begin to see photographs taken at those...

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Create your own worlds with TerraRay 4

In the early days of the Mac, I used to love playing around with Bryce, which could generate very realistic scenery, which was my forte, or bizarre other worldly scenes straight out of science fiction flick. Bryce is still around, along with high-end rendering programs such as Vue. These progra...

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