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1st-gen iPod nano lanyards work with new "fatty" nanos

In case you were wondering, the old lanyards for the 1st-gen iPod nanos work with the current 3rd-gen (aka "fatty" or "video") nanos. Apple moved the dock connection and headphone port away from each other in the 2nd-gen nanos, thus ruining the party for a lot of 3rd-party accessory manufacturers. B...

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Orbino: hand stitched leather iPod cases

I have never heard of Orbino until today, and I'm becoming perplexed as to why. They make what look like stellar hand stitched leather cases for all three of the current model iPods, offering a choice of styles, colors and unique clip and lanyard designs. Quickly browsing through their site, it look...

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Pod Jams iDiddy fashion covers with iLanyard for iPod nano

The Pod Jams iDiddy fashion covers for the iPod nano come in two styles: Clear and Bling. Clear, as you might imagine, allows the true beauty of the nano to shine through while still protecting it in plastic. Bling (pictured) steps up the flashy style by encasing your nano in a diamond-like sparklin...

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