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Apple hardware changes alter Microsoft "Hunter" ads

While some of Microsoft's recent ad campaigns have fallen flat, like the Jerry Seinfeld and "I'm A PC" ads, the "PC Hunter" series has struck a chord with consumers and, it would seem, Apple. AdAge is reporting on the aftermath of Microsoft COO Kevin Turner gloating about getting a call from Apple'...

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We get it, Windows means cheap hardware

Microsoft's latest advertising campaign, while more stimulating than the Seinfeld/Gates spots, has one goal and one goal only: sell PCs. Microsoft's endgame, it seems, is to persuade people into purchasing Windows-running PCs by leveraging the fact that Macs are more expensive than PCs. I'm not go...

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Oh no! Laptop Hunter ads return

Microsoft keeps trying, and trying, and trying. The new Laptop Hunter ad [YouTube link] features Sheila, who wants to do some video editing. She has $2000US to spend. Sounds like a natural for a MacBook Pro, eh? Nope. She settles for an HP HDX 16t. She passes on the Mac because it has only 2 GB of ...

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Full text from "Legal Copy" ad isn't quite PC-specific

You've probably seen all of the new Get a Mac ads we posted about on Sunday, and if you haven't yet, go ahead and watch them now. We'll wait. Just let us know when you're back, we'll be playing a little Zen Bound. Done? If you saw the Legal Copy ad, you know that's the one where as PC makes crazy an...

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Talkcast preview: special guest Mitch Wagner from InformationWeek

If you joined us last Sunday night, you heard an unvarnished rant in five-part harmony as Dave, Christina, Mike S., Mel and I all weighed in on the ongoing series of "Laptop Hunters" Microsoft TV ads (yes, there's a third one now: an adorable mother-and-son team of laptop shoppers who shockingly sti...

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Microsoft at it again with 2nd ad tweaking Macs

Microsoft is really working hard to get potential Mac customers to either buy or stay with Windows-based PCs. After the initial "Lauren" ad -- see BusinessWeek's take on her choice of a poorly-rated HP model, and TechFlash & Apple 2.0 on her oddly extensive acting career for someone who supposed...

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